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July 10, 2005

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER: I played lovely all day. I had 8-under in mind from the start of the day -- the score that Thomas Levet shot last year and in these conditions, it was on. I was ticking over all day, had so many chances, took a few, left a few out there on the back nine and hit a poor shot on 16 which was a shame. I wanted to hit a cut shot in and pulled it slightly. Made five. Had an outside chance at 17 and holed one on the last. Stopped me in my tracks. A killer blow really. A shame because I played so nicely. But all in all it's a good week .

It was nice to hole the one at the last. I read the line well and some bobble off line due to the spikes. I don't know who it is, but someone is out there-- I wear spikes and I have no idea how they can dig up the greens as badly but someone is causing havoc out there, I mean horrendously. Every footprint is leaving spike marks. Ernie and I were laughing today -- it was comical. Nick Dougherty made a point the other day, and I said to him that I do wear spikes but you do have to be careful how you move your feet and that you tap down any spike marks afterwards. You don't leave these 14 spike marks every two steps across the green. It should be easy to work out who it is by rewinding the tape.

I can't wait for The Open. It was five years since we played St. Andrews. That was my first one and I can't wait to get up there, especially the way I played today. It's been getting better and better and decided to stand a little bit further way from the ball. When I get it right I can win golf tournament but it's a shame I've probably come up a couple short today. The 16th was a 4-iron. I played 17 other great holes.

Playing with Ernie for 2 days? Nice. I don't feel fazed by playing with anybody. Nice to play with Ernie and watch somebody swing it as good as he swings it.

Thursday somebody has designed an outfit for me.

Who would I like to play with? Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Ernie or Phil! Jack maybe. I am comfortable being in that company. I don't feel it puts me off. I want to play better in that company. I won't play 3 practice rounds. It's been a long spell. Play 18 on Tuesday and 9 on Wednesday and keep ticking over. It feels great. I am very happy and I love St. Andrews.

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