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October 30, 2015

Fabrizio Zanotti

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Please start on that back nine, because you made shot after shot there, and you've really pulled yourself up into the competition?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, the back nine was very good. I made a good chip on No. 1, and that might have helped me on the back nine, so very happy.

Q. Was it quiet before then, not bad play but nothing quite happening?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Well, it was quiet. I was hitting good, good shots but nothing extraordinary. I just keep patient and on the back nine, the birdies come.

Q. I know it's only halfway, but were you conscious of the leaderboard and what Jaco Van Zyl is doing?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, it's very good to be there in the weekend again. So just tried to keep doing the same for the weekend. Don't see too much what the other guys are doing. Just worry about me.

Q. I don't think golf ever comes easy, but does golf come easier now when you're in this lovely vein of form?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: I don't know if it's easier. I play pretty good but it's not easy. It's never easy this game.

Q. But does this mean that you have to putt in quite so many hours on the range, or do you trust yourself more?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: No, obviously I keep working like always. But yes, when the confidence is high, it helps you.

Q. What do you consider yourself, are you a streaky player? Because you're showing more and more consistency the older you get.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: I was trying to find this consistency. I've been struggling the last years to have this consistency. So I work very hard for that, so I am pretty happy now with this consistency I've been having.

Q. What are your thoughts into the weekend?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Like always, I'll worry about me, play shot by shot and try to do my best.

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