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October 30, 2015

Chris Wood

Antalya, Turkey

Q. 66 yesterday, 66 today, which one did you like better?
CHRIS WOOD: Both pretty similar actually. Probably started a little better today on the actual front nine, which is my front nine. Yeah, just made one eagle there yesterday and made four birdies there today. Pretty consistent.

Q. How much has placing helped this week?
CHRIS WOOD: A little bit. I wouldn't say an awful lot because there's no mud. It's been dry out there. But the growth on the fairways is a little bit patchy. You get a few rough lies here and there but it's not happened that much. If they took it away for the weekend, it wouldn't be that much of an issue.

Q. You started a little behind Jaco Van Zyl, how much did his 61 impress upon you how you had to go low again today?
CHRIS WOOD: Starting eight today, you know you need to try to cut into his lead. I think I was five behind after shooting 66. Doesn't happen very often. So yeah, to try and cut into that lead at all today was really the goal.

Q. Last group tomorrow; does that mean fun?
CHRIS WOOD: It does if you can shoot another 66. I'll have to answer that after tomorrow.

Q. You did a bit of commentary for us. How did that go?
CHRIS WOOD: It was good. You've got an easy job, you boys, haven't you. Pro golfers, retire, sit in a box and talk about us, it's an easy life.

Q. But we've got to make you look good at the same time.
CHRIS WOOD: Well, after two 66s, it's easy, isn't it.

Q. Shooting a 66 just like Thursday; similar round today or was it different?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, very similar. Seven birdies today and one bogey. Dropped one shot yesterday, as well but made an eagle in there, too. No eagles today but very, very similar.

Q. You're coming off an injury this year to your left wrist, but obviously as we talked about yesterday, you're playing beautifully right now. Just how comfortable are you over the golf ball over any shot like you were a few months ago?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, very comfortable. Obviously coming back from quite a serious injury. I broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist. The Tour wrist specialist, Doug Campbell, did a great job with me through the winter, but it was quite a long road back. So it's a relief more than anything to be playing such nice golf.

Q. Now heading into the weekend at least in contention. What's your mentality now moving forward?
CHRIS WOOD: Same again, really. I cut into jock oh's lead today which I was looking today, so I'm probably going to be a couple behind him. Hopefully catch him tomorrow. Maybe pass him, who knows. But give myself a chance on Sunday.

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