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October 30, 2015

Victor Dubuisson

Antalya, Turkey

Q. What are your thoughts on shooting a 64 at a course you've certainly enjoyed the success on in the past?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: I had a great day. Good start on the first four holes, low score, it's always good to start like that. And I just play -- my game was good and I holed some good putts today, so 64.

Q. Since there are such wonderful memories here, does it make it one of your favourite courses?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, it's definitely one of my favourite courses.

Q. Does that help when you step into a tournament knowing that you've had that success in the past?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, it helps a little bit. It's all about how you hit the ball at the end, but it is starting to be very, very good. So I hope to do well this weekend.

Q. Is that what's making the difference, the form on the greens?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, of course.

Q. Has that been a lot of hard work then to get to this kind of stage to get the rewards?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, I changed my putter a few months ago. I was a little bit in trouble the first few weeks, but now I can see on the green that I hole more putts from ten feet and that makes a difference.

Q. Sometimes changing any type of club has immediate dividends. Do you find that you have to work that little bit harder to get into the right rhythms?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: No, just be patient.

Q. What were your thoughts coming into this event, given that it is a Final Series; were you thinking, big push to the end of the season?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: I was just thinking that my season hasn't been great, and I haven't played as many tournaments. So I was counting on The Final Series to maybe improve my ranking.

Q. Absolutely, because you appreciate just how many points and ranking points are on offer?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah. Thank you.

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