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October 30, 2015

Danny Chia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Thoughts on your day for today.
DANNY CHIA: The day started very well. I hit a very good shot on 11, but at the last minute the wind started to blow a little bit and it caused my ball go in the water and made a double bogey for the start.

But I think I recovered quite well today and still finished under par, so.

I didn't strike the ball that well on the front nine, because I think that, for me, it's always been the 11th, 12th, the 13th hole, to get through those three holes. And I always play over par on those holes. So, I think, for me, it's just I have to improve on those holes.

Q. It's never easy to get off to a bad start. How do you recover from that?
DANNY CHIA: Just continue to play my game. There's really nothing much I can do.

I hit a good shot. It was unlucky that it went in the water. But I can still try not to mess up the whole round and come back with a decent score.

Q. Talk about the way you came back today.
DANNY CHIA: Yeah, okay. I mean, I've been playing that way, I think, this year. So, that's probably one of the reasons why I've been playing well this year.

I think that mentally-wise, I think, that I'm much stronger on the golf course. Like even with some bad holes, I manage to still come back with some decent scores.

Q. Was there any turning point for you on your round today? One key moment, maybe?
DANNY CHIA: I'll probably say the hole number 5. I drove, hit a great drive, but caught on the lip of the bunker, but managed to stay outside.

And I hit my second shot, it was short, but it hit the rock, went back to the green, so I think that was a big break for me to recover.

Q. (No Microphone.)
DANNY CHIA: I think so. As I say, it's always been that three holes that always troubles me. I think if I can get through those three holes with par or better, I think I'm up for a good scoring day.

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