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July 15, 2005

Young A Yang


THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in and speaking with us. You're playing very well. You're 6 under, second place right now. A couple shots off the lead behind Janice Moodie. Talk about your impressions of the tournament so far.

YOUNG A YANG: After the practice round, I thought the course would play really tough, but I had an afternoon tee time yesterday and I saw the scores. I guess that actually kind of helped me to have a mindset of this is a scoreable golf course.

I hit the ball really well. I got up and down all the time. That helped a lot. You know, this is like first time I'm playing well this year so I'm very excited.

THE MODERATOR: Can you tell us a little about your score card. Birdie on 1.

YOUNG A YANG: I had about 180 yards a little into the wind, hit my rescue club hybrid 23 degree. Had about a 6 footer for birdie.

THE MODERATOR: Birdie on 6, the par 5.

YOUNG A YANG: I birdied the par 5?

THE MODERATOR: Unless we wrote it down wrong.

YOUNG A YANG: I don't even know what No. 6 is. Oh, yes, I did. I hit a 3 wood, 5 wood. I had about 130 into the wind. Hit a little 8 iron, about 4 footer, birdie.

No. 9, I had about 145 yards into the wind. I just kind of punched the 6 iron. Had about an 8 footer downhill.

No. 10, probably hit about 135. Hit a little 8 iron. That was probably about a 12 footer, 13 footer, little left to right break.

THE MODERATOR: The bogey on 15.

YOUNG A YANG: Yeah, bogey on No. 15. That hole does not like me. I bogeyed yesterday, too. Today I hit a little 8 iron, had a little hook lie. I thought the wind would hold, but it didn't hold. I was on the left, not on the green. I decide to putt. Misread a putt. I hit about a 6 footer coming back for par. Quite didn't hit it, so I made bogey there.

THE MODERATOR: You say you decided to putt. Off the green?


THE MODERATOR: How far, do you think?

YOUNG A YANG: Probably about 35 footer, 40 footer. I was just barely on the fringe.

Then No. 16, I hit a really bad drive. Took a provisional, but the guy found the ball. Just chipped it out. Punched a 9 iron, but I hit it a little short, chipped it, 8 footer for bogey. But I was very happy with bogey.

THE MODERATOR: Your drive, did it go right or left?

YOUNG A YANG: Left, into the trees on the left.

THE MODERATOR: Then you bounced back with the birdie on 17.

YOUNG A YANG: 17, I hit it was like 183 to the pin. I was going to hit like 20 degree rescue, but my caddie said it might be too much. I hit a 23. I got on the green. Probably fell short about 30 feet. Little left to right putt. Made that one for birdie, 30 footer.

THE MODERATOR: Then 18, another par 5.

YOUNG A YANG: I was telling myself, "I'm not doing so good on par 5s." I punched the 8 iron, because my 3 wood didn't go too far. I hit about, what, a 15 footer uphill left to right. I thought it was almost the same putt I had on No. 10. I just need to hit it a little harder. Went in.

THE MODERATOR: We'll go ahead and take questions.

Q. In your comments you made several references to punch shots, trying to hold shots in the wind, hitting knock down shots. Is it really that much of a factor?

YOUNG A YANG: In the wind, I think so. My punch shot will be going about full 7 iron. But into the wind, the 7 iron may not go the distance. When it's a windy day, I like to hit a lot of punch shots. I probably need to hit 9 iron for distance wise, but I will probably choose to hit a punch 8 iron. Or sometimes if I don't want the ball to spin, I'll punch, so it takes the spin off. It depends.

Q. Sticking with the wind, is it tough on this course with hills and trees to try to figure out exactly what it's doing?

YOUNG A YANG: Wind's pretty tricky. I mean, I think today's wind was opposite of yesterday. Even like when I was playing the Front 9, I thought the wind was very similar to yesterday. But turning to Back 9, the wind a bit changed. So it is very tricky.

You feel like it's right to left, but flag is blowing the other way, so it's kind of tough decision. But you just got to trust one and hit it.

Q. Sounds like your putter is really working today. Is that your best club in the bag?

YOUNG A YANG: I don't know. I mean, I putted really well. I had like 26 putts yesterday and 26 today. I made a lot of par saves. Yesterday I missed some birdie putts, some short birdie putts. You know, I made a lot of par saves.

For some reason I feel very comfortable with my putter right now. I think the putting here is very tricky, short holes, a lot of double breaks. It's pretty much guessing work. You're just trying to guess which way it breaks. It's kind of paid off so far.


End of FastScripts.

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