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October 29, 2015

Chris Wood

Antalya, Turkey

CHRIS WOOD: The back nine it dropped, but there's enough wind there to use. It wasn't like it was too much wind that the course played really tough. And it wasn't so little that it played so easy. Sort of you could use the wind a little bit. It was really nice conditions.

Q. And while essentially it is a resort course, it's one you have to think on a bit, as well, isn't it?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, we said the first couple of days' practise, it's not just a bomber's course. The fairways are reasonably generous, but you still need to hit in a position, and the trees come into play behind trees. It's really nice and I really like the golf course.

Q. Talk us through the eagle.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, just nice 3-wood off the tee on the par 5 and then had about 260 pin and hit 5-wood downwind just left of the hole about 30 feet. It was a sweet putt, actually, right in the middle and went straight in the hole, perfect pace.

Q. Appreciate it's only the first day but at that stage it pushes you to the top of the leaderboard, so presumably there's nice spring in the step.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, going around 4-under at that stage, it was a nice score but I was playing better than that, so 6-under, about what I deserved.

Q. How do you regard these elite events in the Final Series, given the awkward start to the season's campaign that you had?
CHRIS WOOD: When we spoke at the start of the year, I didn't know how I was going to return. I had quite a serious injury in my wrist. The year has turned out brilliant, with a win in Austria and some other good finishes. Looking to finish the year strong.

Q. Some good finishes of late so presumably the confidence is high?
CHRIS WOOD: I've been hitting the ball nicely, nice and consistent and just waiting for that week where it all comes together. One week I putted really well and not quite played so well. The next week I've played great and not quite holed my fair share. It's not felt miles off for a couple of months.

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