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October 29, 2015

Hideki Matsuyama

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Just eight birdies, one bogey, you must feel like that's a good round.
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: I hit my driver really well today and that was really the reason I was able to score well.

Q. Conditions were ideal, hardly a breath of wind out there and the greens were receptive as well, were you able to take advantage of that?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Especially when you have no wind like today and able to put it in hand, it's very enjoyable to play in those conditions.

Q. Is this 7-under round a reflection of how you've played the last few weeks coming to KL?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Yeah, after the Presidents Cup, I didn't hit it real well, but a little by little my game's returning and I feel real good about today's round.

Q. How about the golf course here? A few times now you've come back to play this golf course, do you find that you're getting more acclimatized and more familiar with the course here?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Yeah, no, of course it does. When, this is my third time here and I love playing here and the course is narrow, those tee shots you have to hit the ball well and I think playing the last couple years have helped me prepare for that.

Q. After a day like this, how will you spend the rest of your day? Because there's lots of time left. Do you go back to the driving range to work on something or just take a break completely?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: No, in this weather you can't beat yourself up too much, so I'll practice maybe a little bit and then head back to the hotel and rest.

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