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October 29, 2015

Cameron Smith

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Good round of 66. Sort of caught fire on the back.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was very dodgy at the start there. Just the swing was out and then just started trusting it on the back nine and made six birdies in a row. And that sort of, that was sort of the round, really.

Q. What was the key to that run of birdies for you?
CAMERON SMITH: Definitely striking the ball a bit better. As I said, the front nine was pretty terrible, so I was lucky to get out of there with even, and then just caught fire on the back.

Q. It's always tough to recover from a tough start. How do you sort of steady the ship and just get a 6-under today?
CAMERON SMITH: I don't know, really. But my caddie Sam just kicking me up the butt and kept telling me to go forward and forget about it and let's do this tough thing. So, yeah.

Q. You played well on this golf course and this event last year, so that sort of helps as well, doesn't it?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it's good to be back here, actually. A lot of good memories here, yeah.

Q. Your finish last year sort of opened up a lot of doors for you to play on the PGA TOUR. So this is really the event which got you going, isn't it?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it is. It's sort of the beginning of the season for me, so, yeah, it was nice to get off to a good one and it did open up a few doors. I ended up having a good year, so it was nice.

Q. The golf course which you obviously like playing on as well.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I love the course. My whole team's here this week, my trainer and my coach, so it's good to have everyone here.

Q. Talk about your best birdies today. Or one that really stood out.
CAMERON SMITH: Geez, I don't know. All of them.

(Laughter.) They're all the same.

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