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October 28, 2015

Garbine Muguruza

Singapore, Singapore

6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. Can you tell us your thoughts on the match in general, and why do you think you managed to beat Angelique every time you played her this year?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, first of all, I think was a great match for both side, Kerber and for me. I think it's the fifth time we play, I don't know, in this year. The first one I lost. I lost before couple of times with her.
Well, I just keep working and improving. I think my level is really good now. You know, every time I go to the court against Angelique I know I have to play very good to win against her.
Well, that's what is happening every time I went to the court, so I'm really happy to be able to play like that.

Q. You could be forgiven for getting rather tired of answering questions about are you the next big thing in tennis, are you going to win this tournament, all of those things. Does it get to you at all or can you just sort of glide over it?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, every time they ask me I'm like, Okay, I don't know. Yes, I want to be. Let's see if it happens. I don't think there is an answer for that. I mean, it's good that people sees in me like a future top player.
Well, it's nice to hear that, but obviously that's what I'm trying to do. That's it. (Smiling.)

Q. In the same vein, there have been players in recent times, like Sloane or Genie and everything, who have risen ‑ particularly Genie who was top 10 ‑ but then they've had some issues keeping that level. Obviously you're still in this year, but do you discuss that maybe with Sam or the people around you? How do you avoid that happening?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, it's an example of something that can happen, obviously. I think it's hard to manage a lot of things. I saw an example in Genie. It's not a good example.
But hopefully I can manage better these kind of situations and avoid a little bit my spirit down kind of. So just try not to happen this to me. That's it.

Q. It's your first time in the finals as a singles player. Did you surprise yourself at all at how well you handled your first two matches?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, definitely I'm feeling very good. You never know how it's going to go here when you come first time. For sure I'm very happy of how is it going.
Hopefully I can keep playing like this. It's great to be here in singles and doubles. I've played all the year singles and doubles, singles and doubles, so it's great to have this payoff being here.

Q. It's now a long time since you decided to play for Spain and not Venezuela. In Venezuela what was the reaction? Now that they see you winning a lot do they still follow you a lot, or they're a little annoyed because you picked Spain and so they're not you know, sort of not nasty, but not so nice as they could be?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, I feel a lot of support from Venezuela actually. I don't know. It's true, believe me. I see it. I thought maybe, Oh, they're going to be unhappy about I chose Spain. But, no. I was surprise. I have a lot of followers from Venezuela.
Well, I've been playing all my life in Spain, so, you know, it's normal that I choose Spain. Yeah, I feel like I have both countries supporting me, so it's good.

Q. Couple weeks ago you were saying and talking about how you grew up in the clay court Spanish system, and then as you grew up the way you did you started to play maybe a little bit more of an unconventional game in terms being on hard courts and all that stuff. Curious, how much of the training that you had on clay growing up as maybe a little bit more of a clay‑court player, where do we see that in your game?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, I think if I had a little girl coaching, for sure I would put her in clay court to start. I think it's a great surface. It's slower and makes you learn more how to play. Makes you think, choose better.
In hardcourt everything is so fast and you kind of don't have time to think. It's good when you have time. And especially improves a lot of hand, how to feel the ball. Moving also. You have to run more and get more physical strength.
I don't know. I think it helps me. I think I don't have this Russian style like everything flat. I have more resources because I've learned with all this time playing.
Yeah, something like that.

Q. How tired are you right now because you're playing in both singles and doubles? Do you feel that eventually you have to choose to do well in one of the two events in this tournament?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, for sure it's a challenge to come here and play singles and doubles. I know that. But I'm really motivated on both sides, so hopefully I can, you know, win as much as I can in both singles and doubles.
But I know I will be more tired for sure. It's a risk I take.

Q. There was a weird moment in the match where the score was said wrong and you maybe lost a few points after that. What went through your mind? Did you lose your concentration after that?
GARBINE MUGURUZA: No, I didn't lost the concentration, but it was weird. It's not game. Do I have to sit? No, you don't to have sit.
So I was like in the middle. No I didn't lost any concentration. Next point, I don't know what happened. I don't remember. Yeah, there was a weird moment.
Never had this before.

Q. I would like to know about doubles. What do you plan to do next year? Not many top‑10 players play singles and doubles. Even Errani and Vinci were No. 1 and she split and Errani wasn't playing doubles anymore. Is that something that concerns you about your scheduling next year, because beginning of this year you didn't know that you were going to do so well and so far in both competitions, but now you know it.
GARBINE MUGURUZA: Uh‑huh. Well, with Carla we talked to play two years before. So I think it was great for my improvement also in the singles. I've learned a lot of volley skills, going to the net.
Next year it's going to be I think different. We have to sit down and talk because now we are like with‑‑ everything is very important. I think even most important than before.
Let's see what happens. For sure we going to play less tournaments because it's hard to play singles and doubles. This year was really hard for me. I don't know what's going to happen.

Q. Australian Open for instance.
GARBINE MUGURUZA: No idea. I will sit with Carla after this.

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