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October 29, 2015

Ryann O'Toole

Hainan Island, China

Q. Solid day. Did you feel that way? It was kind of playing tough.
RYANN O'TOOLE: My second nine was tough, which is the front, just because the wind picked up on our second nine. But I drove it well and hit every fairway today. I managed to get a bunch of up-and-downs. You're going to miss greens out here. I think it's inevitable, but I think if you miss it in the correct spot, I don't know, I think that's kind of the key.

Q. Everyone keeps saying, big enough greens, but you've got to be in the right spot.
RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah, you can miss it hard on those greens and then have a harder put than sometimes having a chip. The chips are not hard. There's not a lot of grain. It's a tight lie but it's forgiving, so it's good.

Q. Did you plan on not playing in Korea or --
RYANN O'TOOLE: I didn't get in. I was a sponsor invite for Malaysia. And when I was in Malaysia, I got into this event. So then Monday of this week, I got into Japan.

Q. Have you done that before, played, gone home, come back?
RYANN O'TOOLE: No, last time I did Asia, I did the full out -- I played what I got into, but I wasn't like this back and forth as much. So I had not gone back and come back again. It's easier coming out here. It's no problem. It's going the other direction that you just get your butt kicked.

Q. And you played well in Malaysia. What was going well there and carried over into this week, do you think?
RYANN O'TOOLE: It was my best week of the year, 12th. I just think things have been -- even before we got into the Asia Swing, things started clicking in my game, consistency, just understanding myself. I switched coaches. I started working with Jorge Parada last year.

I went back to Q-School last year but it was kind of just where I was mentally, I was struggling. We decided to just make the changes I needed to start. It was kind of just one of those years that I chalked up to, right, it's a donation, and this year was much better.

Q. How has Jorge helped?
RYANN O'TOOLE: He's helped me understand my misses, kind of understand me as a golfer, what are my strong points, how do I play to my advantage. Even understanding if I might be feeling off -- the swing is not going to feel perfect every day so how do I play to those days that I'm not playing my best.

He's built into my swing a consistent shot. So I'm not out there anymore hitting it left and right and fearing the other side of the golf course. So now I can know where it's going. He's helped a ton with my short game and I just think I'm in a much better place.

Q. Did anybody recommend him to you?
RYANN O'TOOLE: I had a couple people say something, just random people. But I also saw an article about him and I kept hearing his name. His name kept coming up. Because I was in the hunt for a new coach and his name kept popping up random places. I missed a connection or my flight was cancelled in Chicago and I played at a friend's house and she brought up Jorge and that was the second time I heard about him and it was brought up again. It was just one of those things like you know what, oddly enough, something is telling me to go check him out.

And then he was in Mobile working with Anna, and I went up to him and I said: Hey, do you mind just giving a couple minutes so I could pick your brain? I'm looking for a coach, I'd love for you to take a look at me and maybe get back to me and say if you would want to work with me or not.

Since then, him and I have been like best friends. I think it's good to be close to a coach and be able to talk to him. Even when -- I have a sports psychologist, Brett McCabe, and he's great. But Jorge helps me; when you're that close to somebody, you can talk to them. I almost call him to, I'm like, I need to call you to slap me around a little bit, get me mentally back.

Q. And then obviously the clothes situation, has that ever happened?
RYANN O'TOOLE: Not this long. Usually it just takes a day, maybe two at the most. But this is the longest I've gone. It's more of just, you know, it's a burden, like something that's always just on your mind, stressing because you're in a another country. You can't physically call yourself or you can't get a hold of the right people, so you're depending on other people to help you and you just want answers.

This is my Monday outfit. This is meant to be a Monday outfit. I'm like, I'm just going to bring my Monday outfit. I've learned my lesson; bring the outfit you like, you might be stuck in it.

Like Jorge said to me this morning, he goes: If I asked you a week ago, if your clothes showed up and you had to play with a practice set, or would you rather have your golf clothes and play in whatever, ten out of ten, I would take my golf clubs.

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