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October 28, 2015

Gary Woodland

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome Gary Woodland. Thank you for joining us. Last season, Gary, four top-5 finishes, pretty impressive. And then including a T-2 here last year. If you could, you finished second here the last two years, talk about this golf course and how well you're playing.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I really like this place. The golf course sets up really good to my eye. I love the fact there's four par-5s. We don't see that a ton playing in the States, so four par-5s is nice.

The golf course is in the best shape I've seen it last couple years. I think it's phenomenal right now. So, I'm excited to be back. Obviously, I got good vibes, I got good memories here and hopefully, I can finish one spot better.

THE MODERATOR: Speaking of that, you're one of the longer players on TOUR, Ryan Moore who has won here the last two years doesn't quite drive it that far. Could you talk about maybe the success he's having and you're having and the contrast between the two of your games.

GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I think that's why this is such a good golf course. Because, obviously, two different completely different players have had success on it the last couple years.

But from where he's hitting it -- out here the key is hitting the ball in the fairway. Playing from the rough gets pretty tough. The rough is pretty thick and you get some fliers.

So being in the fairway allows you to get yourself on the green, get some birdie putts. From where I'm playing, the distance is a huge advantage, because I'm hitting irons into the par-5s, so if I'm driving the ball in play, I think length is a huge advantage out here. Especially with the rain. The golf course does, even though the length's not very long, it plays pretty long.

THE MODERATOR: Open it up for questions.

Q. What do you think makes you to play well on this golf course?
GARY WOODLAND: I think that one key is I'm coming off a rest every year. I've had five weeks off now. Last year I had four weeks off before I came. So I'm able to regroup, re-energize my body, and get prepared coming in. This is the first start I've had in the last three years I haven't played before. So it's nice to come in fresh and know what I'm expecting. I know what the golf course to expect. So it's always nice to come back.

Q. What have you been training to prepare for playing different courses or different environments?
GARY WOODLAND: This is a big one, just from the endurance test, because it's hot, the golf course is pretty hard to walk, and you need to be hydrated, you got to keep food in your body.

Obviously, coming off four weeks, I'm pretty fresh. So that's an advantage. Getting over here, getting over the jet lag, getting sleep in. The key is I don't practice as much here when I get done, just because of the heat. I want to get myself inside the air conditioning and get my body cooled down and rested for tomorrow. So, this is definitely different than most weeks we see.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Gary. Good luck this week.

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