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October 28, 2015

Ryan Moore

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome two-time CIMB Classic defending champion, Ryan Moore, to the interview room here at the 2015 CIMB Classic.

Ryan, obviously you've had some success at this event. You actually have the chance this week to become the first player since Steve Stricker at the John Deere Classic in '09-'11 to win the same event three times in a row. Talk about what it means for you to come back to this course and the positive vibes you have around this place.

RYAN MOORE: It's something I honestly look forward to all year long, obviously, having the success I've had in this tournament. But I just, I enjoy coming here. It's a trip I really do look forward to. It's hard to figure out why I've had the success that I have in this tournament or on this course particularly, but obviously, I hope it continues.

THE MODERATOR: You've had two of your strongest seasons on the PGA TOUR the last two years. Talk about what you're thinking about, what you're working on in your golf game heading into the 2015-2016 PGA TOUR season.

RYAN MOORE: Nothing too crazy. It's -- the last couple years have just been a process of trying to just make everything a little bit better. I think you get overwhelmed in this game sometimes about what you need to work on and all these things, and so we kind of try to just simplify it. Constantly just trying to get a little bit better at a lot of different things, not necessarily just one specific thing. I think that's the thing that helped create the consistency the last few years.

THE MODERATOR: Quickly, talk a bit about, obviously you won this event the last couple of years and got off to a nice start in the FedExCup. This is the third year in a row that full FedExCup points are awarded here at this tournament. Is that something you think about this early in the season?

RYAN MOORE: Absolutely. Just because I have done it the last two years, so you know the benefits of getting out to a great start like that are huge. To be high up in the FedExCup, it really sets your schedule for your whole season. It affords you the ability to take a couple breaks, maybe longer breaks at different points in the season if you need to or want to.

But, yeah, I mean it's huge. I would love to play well here this week and get off to a great start again.

THE MODERATOR: We'll open it up to some questions.

Q. It wasn't up until a few years ago that you guys were coming to this part of the world. You actually won here the last couple of years. Would you like to share some of your thoughts on that?
RYAN MOORE: On the golf in this area?

Q. Yes.
RYAN MOORE: I think it's great for the PGA TOUR to branch out and to reach different areas, to let the people of KL come out and watch us live in person and get to experience that.

Obviously, most of what we play is a long, long ways away from here. So to bring that to different countries, I think it's great. It's great for the game of golf, and I hope to see it keep on expanding the way it has the last few years.

THE MODERATOR: Is there something specifically about the culture of Malaysia that you enjoy coming back to, now that you've been here a few years in a row.

RYAN MOORE: You know, I -- it's really everything. You get great fan support out there.

It's very hot, but I tend to like playing in hot weather, so that's a great thing for me.

The food is great everywhere downtown where we go.

And it's just an overall experience that's just something that I enjoy.

Q. Is there something different or something the same you'll be doing this year?
RYAN MOORE: For me, I've had a good routine the last couple years and it's worked, so I'm going to stick with it as long as it keeps working.

I kind of have my system of when I -- as far as acclimating when I go to sleep, when I wake up, what to do in the morning.

And as far as the golf is concerned, it's the same golf course, they made some minor changes to it, but nothing too significant. And in the end, it's making sure you hit as many fairways as possible out there, because the rough's just long enough and the greens are just firm enough that if you miss the fairways, it becomes very difficult to get it around the pin and have good chances for birdie.

So, that's just the focus of mine. I'll take less club off some tees, just to make sure that I'm in the fairway because I would rather have a 7-iron from the fairway than potentially a 9-iron or wedge hitting it from the rough. That's how I approached the last two years and it's worked, so I'm going to stick with it.

Q. You're going for three in a row here this week. Talk about that and what do you think about the forecast for this week?
RYAN MOORE: I think that's been the forecast every year, so it's not too surprising.

As far as winning three in a row, not really. It's almost, I don't know, almost less pressure in some ways. I won the last two years, so I don't have that much to prove, necessarily. But you always go into tournaments wanting to win, wanting to play well, and that doesn't change. I wasn't, didn't feel great about my golf game last year coming into this tournament and something about this tournament just kind of seemed to bring the best out of me, so I hope that happens for a third time.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you, Ryan. Good luck this week.

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