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October 28, 2015

Adam Scott

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Adam Scott to the interview room here at the CIMB Classic.

Adam, you're a 11 time PGA TOUR winner. Obviously, winner of the 2013 Masters, very accomplished player.

This is your second appearance in this event, but first time in quite awhile. Your last appearance was in 2009 at a different venue. Talk about coming back to Malaysia after a few years and playing here at Kuala Lumpur Golf And Country Club.

ADAM SCOTT: Definitely excited to be back playing in Malaysia and playing the CIMB. It has been a few years, and I'm really happy that it's worked nicely into my schedule at the back end of this year.

I think -- I'm obviously looking to have a good week here this week and amongst a great field and start my PGA TOUR season off on the right note.

So, there's lots to play for this week and a great field, a great venue. I've enjoyed my couple of days at KLGCC and look forward to a good week.

THE MODERATOR: Adam, you played earlier this month at the Presidents Cup in Korea. This is your second event in Asia in just a few weeks. What do you like about playing in Asia and how is it different maybe than playing in other places around the world?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I also played in Japan the week after the Presidents Cup, so now three of the last four weeks I've played in Asia.

I think growing up in Australia there's obviously a very close relationship with Asia, and I've always enjoyed playing golf here, and I've had a fair bit of success, I feel, playing in Asia. I feel very comfortable playing up here. I enjoy the enthusiasm of all the fans and I hope to have a little more success this week.

THE MODERATOR: Quickly, comment at the Presidents Cup we saw you putt with the short putter cross-handed. How has that evolved -- your practice sessions since then and how did it feel that week? Obviously, your last match you holed a few putts there.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I started the week putting cross-handed at the Presidents Cup, but that only lasted a day and a half, and then I switched in the middle of my second match to an, I guess, a claw-style grip. And that's somewhat more how I was putting with the longer putter, or the hands looked similar in that respect.

But it's been going well. I feel very comfortable with it. I had a nice day putting and a good match against Rickie Fowler on Sunday in the singles.

And I felt it went well in Japan, and it's continuing to feel good. And I'm looking forward to this week. It's something, a forced change, but sometimes they're good. And I'm very motivated and enthusiastic about my putting at the moment with this change, something I can really get stuck into and try and become the best putter I can be with this method now.

THE MODERATOR: Open it up for a couple of questions.

Q. You're playing on this golf course for the first time, so what do you think about it and how is the course playing?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's a very, very nice golf course. It's presented beautifully. It's in perfect condition.

Obviously, it's slightly wet, because of the rains, but that won't have too much of an influence on this week, I don't believe. But the surfaces are beautiful, there's going to be some good scoring out there.

I think there's been good scoring in the tournaments in the past here, and I think we're going to see the same again this week with a strong field.

So, it's a good week to make some putts, make a lot of birdies, and hopefully be up near the top of the leaderboard.

Q. Is there anything new in your bag that you've got and who do you like in the match between New Zealand and Australia?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I have two pretty new clubs in my golf bag. The putter is obviously new because I've just changed a couple weeks ago to a shorter style putter, and it's a putter that Scotty Cameron and I have developed over this last 12 months. Something that I really believe is a great putter, so I'm very happy to be using that.

And the new Titleist T-MB 3-iron, or 2-iron, as I use it, is a new iron in my bag that replaced a 712U.

So there's a couple new things in my bag, but no big changes though. But I think they will certainly suit this venue.

I'm very happy Australia is in the final this weekend. I think any team -- any Australian might be silly to be overconfident playing New Zealand in the final, but hopeful, that's for sure.

Q. What do you think is the one discipline that all golfers always overlook in their pursuit of the perfect swing? Why is discipline important and how can you develop it?
ADAM SCOTT: Okay, if I knew the answer I might have the perfect swing.


So --

Q. What do you think is most important, though?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think the most overlooked area of the golf swing today is rhythm. I think we're taught so many positions and technique that rhythm is overlooked. And I think that for a good player, or any player for that matter, it's such an important part of the swing and can -- with good rhythm, you have time to correct any mistakes in the swing. With your talent.

Q. Being a former world No. 1, what do you think it will take for you to get to the position again?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think I have a good understanding of what I need to do to get back in that position. This year's been a bit of a transitional period in my life and also on the golf course. There wasn't a great deal of consistency in my golf this year. And I think that was the difference between the previous years. I was extremely consistent. Things were always moving in the right direction, and that's where I have to get back to, to build the confidence and keep putting good score after good score together to compete with the likes of Jason Day and Jordan Spieth and Rory at the top of the world.

I feel like it's still, it's not very far away, it's a good couple months of golf, really, if you just look at what Jason Day did going into The Open Championship this year, I believe he was ranked ninth in the world and then nine weeks later he's No. 1. So, it's an incredible run of golf, but that's how quickly things can happen, if you get the momentum going.

So, I'm looking to practice and work hard all the time now to get that run going and hopefully get right back in the mix at the tomorrow of the world.

Q. Question about the Presidents Cup. You managed to spend some time with Anirban Lahiri and can you talk a little bit about him and potentially he could be the new No. 1 Asian player.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I got to play a match with Anirban and got to spend some time with him. And I had not spent any time with him before, but he's an incredibly nice man and very talented golfer, of course. His record this year is fantastic and he's really propelled himself on to the world stage and it's great for Indian golf, it's great for Asian Tour golf. To have him representing in the Presidents Cup was huge. And he continued to play well since the Presidents Cup also. So, I think if he were to be the No. 1, new No. 1 in Asia, it would be great for the game of golf moving forward.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you, Adam. Good luck this week.

ADAM SCOTT: Thank you.

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