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October 27, 2015

Johnny Cueto

Kansas City, Missouri - Royals pregame one

Q. The way the series lines up, you could pitch here twice. Would you rather pitch at home?
JOHNNY CUETO: It doesn't matter to me whether I pitch at home or on the road. But I do feel more comfortable here at home.

Q. Why is that? Why do you seem to feel more comfortable? Ned talked about you maybe feeding off the crowd. And we saw in Toronto the crowd. Is there a reason you feel more comfortable pitching at home and pitching in front of this crowd?
JOHNNY CUETO: That's the fans and what they're supposed to do. They're supposed to make a lot of noise and try to distract you. All you have to do as a pitcher is focus on what your job is.

Q. Let us know if you feel the extra rest is going to benefit you. You keep adding movements on the mound. Where is the origin of this, and how much do you think it helps you to pitch?
JOHNNY CUETO: The rest is good because I've been going since January, even though I do like my routine of five days. But that's the way it felt. That's the way the rotation fell for the series. And that's what I've got to adjust to.

As far as the windup, I reads swings, I read rhythms. And I come up with these different type of windups because of the rhythm that I feel is going to be effective on that particular pitch.

Q. There is the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh a few years ago and then the game in Toronto. This slow chanting of your name, and "we want Cueto" chants when you left. Why do you think you've become such a target of opposing fans? Why do you think that is?
JOHNNY CUETO: That's part of the fans and what they're supposed to do, especially on the road. But I like that. I like the fans screaming. I like people chanting my name. I think I grow in those type of situations.

Q. You've mentioned in the past before starts that you want to show who the real Johnny Cueto is. How would you describe who the real Johnny Cueto the pitcher is, and do you think you've shown that so far?
JOHNNY CUETO: My ups and downs have been -- it's just part of the game. I've pitched some good games, as well. All my focus is on -- obviously the year is not over. And all I'm focused on is trying to go out and help this team win.

Q. When you came to the Royals in July, you joined fellow Dominican pitchers. Can you talk about or describe the chemistry with Yordano and Edinson. You guys are going to become the first trio of foreign pitchers forming a rotation in the World Series.
JOHNNY CUETO: At first it was a little strange because I didn't know anybody here, but the chemistry kicked in right away. The most important thing is that we're all trying to help each other at all times.

There's no envy. It's just a good competitive environment where everybody is trying to help each other and just get better on a daily basis.

Q. Over these last five days how much did that last start in Toronto bother you? How often did you think about it? Is there anything that you may have picked up watching video that could help you get back on track tomorrow?
JOHNNY CUETO: What happened in Toronto happened in Toronto. That's over with. We're here in the World Series. I'm not thinking about that. Toronto is not here in the World Series. And now it's time to play baseball I'm going to stick to my routine and I won't change that.

Q. I just wanted to ask, who has the better hair, you or Jacob DeGrom?
JOHNNY CUETO: I'm going to say mine, I'm not going to say somebody else's.

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