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October 27, 2015

Jacob deGrom

Kansas City, Missouri - Mets pregame one

Q. Terry said maybe you were a little fatigued the last couple of starts. I know you didn't want the break at the end of the season but it helped a little bit. Is that the case now or not the case?
JACOB DeGROM: I didn't feel fatigued out there. I just felt I was having trouble locating, which happened to me early on this year. I don't know if it was fatigue. I feel good now, so I don't think the rest hurt me.

Q. Will you pay special attention to how Matt attacks the Royals hitters since you're not as familiar with them as other teams?
JACOB DeGROM: Yeah, definitely. I kind of do that whenever each one of the guys is starting, if I'm facing that team in the Series. I'll definitely pay attention to what's working for him and how he's getting outs.

Q. What do you know about the Royals lineup?
JACOB DeGROM: Honestly, I haven't looked at it that much. I know they put the ball in play a lot. A team that strikes out a whole bunch. So it's kind of what we've been doing before in the past couple of series, try not to make -- look at it too early and kind of mess yourself up.

So we're going to do the same thing that we've done, look at them the day before, and come up with a good game plan before I go out there.

Q. Compared with the first game against the Dodgers, when you had the seven scoreless, were the other two more satisfying because you had to battle early and got through?
JACOB DeGROM: I think so. They're not as much fun when you're out there, but after you look back on them, to be able to get a team out whenever you are kind of struggling definitely is a little more impressive than when you go out there with your best stuff.

Q. Do you like pitching on the road? Obviously you've gotten through some big games on the road now. Do you have any preference?
JACOB DeGROM: I just like pitching. On the road, it doesn't really matter. I've actually enjoyed pitching on the road in the postseason. You go out there and you're getting booed and it's fun to try to silence the crowd.

Q. When you look at the other group of pitchers, you guys as a whole, have you ever thought about how rare it is to have that kind of collection of talent together at one time?
JACOB DeGROM: Yeah, definitely. When we got compared to the Braves, that was an awesome comparison. Those guys were great for a number of years. And for our group to be mentioned with a group like that is pretty special.

These guys are fun to be around. I've learned a lot from them. I've really enjoyed this year and being around those guys.

Q. What are your thoughts about this Royals lineup? You haven't faced them before and when you go through and check them out, what are your thoughts, top to bottom how they look?
JACOB DeGROM: Like I said before, they're going to battle you. They're not going to strike out a lot and they're going to put the ball in play.

I think my job is to keep the ball down. I always say I try to go out there and get early contact, and strikeouts just seem to happen. That's going to be my same game plan going into this.

Q. Could you talk about your background and how you developed as a pitcher, because it was a little odd. And the fact that you came from there to here is an interesting journey, to say the least.
JACOB DeGROM: Yeah, definitely. I've mentioned, I've had to answer this question a few times. Yeah, I mean, it was kind of crazy, because a junior in college said, Hey, do you mind pitching? And I said, No, that's fine. And that's kind of what happened.

I had Tommy John my first year in pro ball. Going through that rehab process, I think that's what really helped me become a better pitcher, because I was kind of new to it and I think it helped me learn how to repeat my delivery. It was a crazy journey.

Q. You were shortstop?
JACOB DeGROM: Yes. My freshman year I played third and sophomore and junior, third.

Q. There's been a lot made about the Royals' ability to hit fastballs. What are your thoughts on that matchup?
JACOB DeGROM: I think you just have to see what's going on when you're out there, kind of like the start I had against the Cubs. I noticed they were hitting the fastball. And I had to adjust my game plan from there during the game. And I threw a lot more off speed than I normally threw.

There's going to be adjustments to be made like there is in every game. I think it's just seeing what's going on out there.

Q. Just in general could you talk a little bit about the excitement level in pitching a World Series game.
JACOB DeGROM: Yeah, it's awesome. It's kind of hard to explain. I don't know if it's really set in for me. It might set in tomorrow when I get out there. But I think more in the offseason when I look back at it. This is what we play for, we play to come here, and just to get the chance to make a start in the World Series, it's really awesome.

Q. With Ruben hurt, Matt off the roster, Kelly DH'ing tonight, can Terry get an inning out of you at shortstop if he needs it?
JACOB DeGROM: Sure, I'd like to go out there. This would be a fun place to make your infield debut in the World Series, wouldn't it?

Q. I was just curious, between you and Johnny, who's got the better hair?
JACOB DeGROM: Me and who?

Q. Johnny Cueto. He's got those flowing dreads too.
JACOB DeGROM: I don't know, I think mine is gone at the end of the year, so I'll give that award to him. It's driving me nuts, I've got to get rid of it (laughter).

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