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October 27, 2015

Lee-Anne Pace

Hainan Island, China

Q. Best memory from last year?

Q. Holding the trophy; was that it?
LEE-ANNE PACE: Holding the trophy.

Q. Biggest difference coming in as defending champ?
LEE-ANNE PACE: Evolving as a player, just getting used to -- is that what you mean?

Q. Yeah, like any perks, anything different coming in?
LEE-ANNE PACE: Oh, yeah, the room, yeah. I've got a suite this week, which is just amazing. I've never stayed in a room like that, which is really cool.

Q. And pictures on the posters, face everywhere. You've done that on the LET enough, so you're used to seeing that.
LEE-ANNE PACE: But it's special because it's the LPGA.

Q. And your sister is here?
LEE-ANNE PACE: My sister is right there.

Q. Does she travel with you ever?
LEE-ANNE PACE: Not really. She comes out maybe once every two weeks, but she knows everything about golf, so she's a bit nervous. She's like, I hate your job because it's too nerve-racking. But yeah, it's nice to have that -- we've been doing some things outside. It's just really relaxing.

Q. This is probably the week to bring her.
LEE-ANNE PACE: I'm very happy that she's here, yeah, exactly.

Q. What did you guys do last night, activities?
LEE-ANNE PACE: Yeah. I woke up with a smile this morning, had coffee in bed and laughed, and it was just so relaxing. I really honestly feel like I'm on holiday, which is cool, when you're playing golf.

Q. What's her name?
LEE-ANNE PACE: Simone. Last night we just explored the resort, and I think today we're going to the spa and to the beach.

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