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October 25, 2015

Todd Gordon

Roger Penske


THE MODERATOR: We'll go ahead and continue with our post‑race press conferences. We are now joined by our race‑winning crew chief, Todd Gordon, and our race‑winning owner, Roger Penske.
Todd, I'm sure it was stressful today on the box.
TODD GORDON: I would say we were probably the lowest stressed group coming into today.
The final laps, we had a good car. Felt like we could contend. Execution in the pits got us to the point where we got off pit road that last fuel‑only stop first. Just watching it go, seeing what was happening with the 16, he was trying to make it on fuel. Wasn't sure where that was going to go.
The caution definitely put us in a position where you knew there was going to be restarts. Playing the one restart rule, we got through it with a caution coming up pretty quickly there, and survived.
Just phenomenally proud of this Shell‑Pennzoil team, what they did.
THE MODERATOR: Roger, the No.22 team has swept all three races in the Contender Round. Talk about their momentum as of late.
ROGER PENSKE: I think if we sat down prior to this round and said somebody would win all three, they would have said you were crazy.
I think the execution of Todd and Joey driving at the top of his game, I think today when you look at that last pit stop, that made the difference both in the 2 and the 22 getting out in the lead. Getting out in the lead was key.
Moving on to the next round, it's going to be tough as we go into these next three races. Our goal is to get to Homestead with the 2 and the 22.
Great job. Part of this is not just who is here at the racetrack, it's the people who support us back at the shop, some 350 people who work every day, and we don't see those folks. I've said it before. Our sponsor, Shell‑Pennzoil, the Ford motor was strong today. Roush‑Yates, and Miller Lite. We had our best game on for the last three races. It proved it with the success we've had.
We've been in this position before leading into a particular situation. We know how tough it is to stay on top.
THE MODERATOR: We'll open it up to questions.

Q. Todd, what was the process of deciding on the last restart to switch positions so Joey and his teammate weren't front to rear to each other?
TODD GORDON: Joey and I talked a little bit about it. I let him make those decisions. Maybe that's a better question later.
I felt like the 24 has been strong. Obviously qualified on the pole by 2/10ths and something. You know the 24 is really strong. Didn't really want to stack the 24 and 88 together in one lane.
Knew that Brad was in a really good position as far as making it to the next round. We felt like splitting the Hendrick cars up and ourselves up, we could get a better run being the leader. You get to set the restart, and took the opportunity to split those guys up.

Q. What was your take on the first restart when it was decided it really wasn't a green‑flag start?
TODD GORDON: I think you'd need to ask somebody in Race Control how that is defined. I thought it was over at that point, but obviously I didn't quite understand it as well as they do. Fortunately we got a second opportunity and did the same thing.

Q. Mr. Penske, for years many would assume Roush was the premiere Ford team. Can you tell me a little bit about the rise of Penske. Y'all have been doing so well lately.
ROGER PENSKE: Well, I don't know if it's been a rise or not. It's just been a team that's really come together when Brad came onboard. We saw some success in 2012.
Having Joey be available to come on the team, these guys have worked together, I've said it before, with Paul Wolfe, Todd, both of them coming up through the Nationwide or XFINITY Series gave them confidence, built that nucleus of people around the team.
I think Roush‑Yates has stepped up. We thank them for that. I think our aero guys, all the people back at the shop, have made a difference.
Roush is a great organization. I think they're showing up speed here now. I think as we get into the different rules package, they'll be right back there.

Q. Todd, I know this was way back in the field behind you, but the 4 car knew it had a problem, knew it couldn't go on the restart. What is the right thing for a guy to do in that situation?
TODD GORDON: I don't know what was going on there, to be honest with you.

Q. What would you have wanted your driver to do?
TODD GORDON: You have to try to maximize your opportunity to make it, right? I think if the car is still running, still capable of going, you try to get everything you can out of it.
THE MODERATOR: Roger and Todd, congratulations on the win today.
TODD GORDON: Thank you.
ROGER PENSKE: Thank you.

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