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September 3, 1996

Linda Wild


Q. How frustrating was that first set?

LINDA WILD: I just kept fighting for it. It was very frustrating because I had, I think, two or three set points. Looking back, you know, I just wish I took my time a little bit more instead of rushing it. I just wanted to hit a winner and get it over with. I think I just rushed it too much. Against Conchita, you can't really do that. You need to, you know, be patient, wait a couple shots before you go for it.

Q. Do you think there was some carryover into the second shot, frustration of not winning those set points?

LINDA WILD: I tried to start over, but I think I was maybe subconsciously still kind of rushing and going for like maybe the first shot instead of waiting, going for it maybe on the second or third opportunity that I had a short ball. But she's hard to play because there's so much spin on the ball. You know, it's moving all the time. You really have to watch. Those loopy high balls, they're kind of like dipping so fast, with the crowd behind it, every time I tried to take it out of the air, it was going long. It was difficult to see.

Q. Did Conchita play that much better in the second set?

LINDA WILD: She did a little bit, you know, she started working the forehand a little bit more. She seemed to be hitting even more spin. Again, I think I was just kind of, you know, going for my shots a little bit too soon instead of waiting for it.

Q. What year was it that you entered USC?


Q. And you left after three months because of a break out of some sort of disease?

LINDA WILD: I had hepatitis, yes.

Q. You were the one that developed the hepatitis?

LINDA WILD: Yes. There was an outbreak of about 80 cases and I was one of them.

Q. Had you not developed that hepatitis, you might have stayed in school, I gather?

LINDA WILD: I was only planning on going to school for a year anyway and then turning pro. Turned out my year was a little shorter.

Q. What else makes Conchita so difficult to play against? You had her down obviously three set points there. What are the most difficult aspects of her game when you're playing her?

LINDA WILD: She sees the ball and she's pretty quick. Trying to find a niche. Playing from the back court, going for my shots from the back court, she gets a lot of balls back. You know, you have to come in. When you're coming in, you've got to hit like a decent volley, otherwise she's going to pass you. It just sits up. I would say that's -- you know, she sees the ball really well, gets to a lot of balls, and the spins on her shots, she's got the slice and the looper on the forehand.

Q. Were you surprised how well you've done here?


Q. Were you surprised at how fast the second set went?

LINDA WILD: Yeah. I was disappointed a little bit. It's hard because, like, I just knew that first set was so big, that if she won it, she was going to become more comfortable and loosen up a little bit, and she did.

Q. Did you feel that you had sort of turned that set around when you saved the three set points earlier in the match?

LINDA WILD: Yeah, yeah. I felt like I turned it around. You know, she was still tight. Again, you know, I just went for it a little too soon. Again, with her spins, you really have to watch the ball and wait a couple shots before you go for it.

Q. Who did you lose to in San Diego?

LINDA WILD: Novotna.

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