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October 24, 2015

Kevin Na

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. It seemed like a very patient performance today. You just know this golf course very well. You just took your time.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I think this is the toughest condition I've ever seen out here. The greens are drying out. They're getting firm. You see a little bit of purple in it. You know, at the beginning of the week I told myself, just stay patient this week. There's a lot of added pressure, being hometown and having won here, and I thought, playoff last week -- you know, first round I got off to a slow start and stayed patient, shot 3-under. Same thing again. Just seemed like I've been patient and it's paid off so far.

Q. Why did you think the course would be playing much harder because we had heard there had been a bit of rain prior to the event.
KEVIN NA: No, I thought it would be playing easy. I was surprised that it was playing difficult. This is the most difficult I've seen it. Wednesday playing the pro-am in the morning the greens were really soft, and overnight it just firmed up. I think a little bit of breeze helped. I think they cut the water off, and they've done a good job.

Q. One shot off the lead going into the final round, you couldn't be in a better place, could you?
KEVIN NA: Yeah, looks like I'm in a good position to get another crack at this one. I'm playing well. You know, the putter is coming around. I had a really tough one with the putter yesterday even though I shot 5-under. I hit it inside 10 feet I felt like 10 times, and you know, the putter is coming around, so I think if I drive it well tomorrow, I'll have a chance.

Q. And experience; you talked about it before, not only living here, playing out of here, winning here, but also coming off the playoff loss last week, do you feel like you're the man to beat?
KEVIN NA: No. The man to beat is the guy who's leading the tournament.

Q. Yesterday guys were saying that 20-under would win it, but it doesn't look like that's going to be the case.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I thought so at the beginning of the week, 18 to 20, but this golf course has changed overnight. It's gotten firmer and firmer. Yesterday afternoon it was firm. It was a little bumpy because it was late in the day. It's firm again today. I'm thinking it's going to be firm again tomorrow. Who knows. There is 6 or 7 out there, so somebody that's kind of in the top 5 shoots 6- or 7-under could win the tournament. And the hole locations are really tough this week. I've never seen them this close to the edges and this close to the hills. You've got putts that are 10 feet breaking two feet, and you have to be tentative on those putts. The pin on 10, pin on 11, I mean, there's some pins out there that are brutal, and I saw the pin on 9 for tomorrow, and I said, oh, my God, you can putt this one off the green. I think the officials are trying to keep the score not as low as it has been in the past, so they've been controlling it.

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