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October 24, 2015

Justin Rose

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. How impressive was your round today?
JUSTIN ROSE: I know my playing partner impressed me. Lucas played unbelievable golf today. Actually didn't know much about his game and first, he's a lovely guy and second, he can really play.

But yeah, I hung with him and what impressed me today was the couple of par saves that I had to make and rolled in I guess the first hole -- didn't play the hole particularly well but made a nice 15-foot putt for par there and then eagling the third kind of got me up and running.

It was just a really fun day playing with Lucas and flip-flopping birdies and eagles and really stretching away from the field. It was a lot of fun.

Q. It did look like the two of you fed off each other.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I would say so for sure. You know, I distinctly remember thinking on 16, I hit it in there quite close and almost like pulling for him to make his putt so I could make my putt and we could keep the momentum going.

He made; I missed. Didn't feel so good then. Point is, we were spurring each other on and separated from the field a little bit.

Q. You mentioned par saves. There were some critical ones and magical ones.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, there were. Even No. 15, sort of hit half a wrong club, half a wrong line with the iron shot there. Had a long bunker shot to get up-and-down and it was nice to curl in a 10-footer for par. Those are the moments that really keep your round going and keep the momentum going and keep the frustration away. They are important putts.

Q. When you completed round two, you were not entirely certain and happy with your hip. How is it today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, hip's great. Right knee is sore now. End of the year, right. Left hip's fine, which is the most important side, because you're trying to clear through on the left. The right knee will be fine with a bit of ice tonight. But only when you walk can you over-extend on walking but during the swing, no pain at all.

Q. Thoughts on Sunday? A nice duel but others in the equation.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, there's a low score always to be had on this golf course. Someone in contention is going to have to go low. Lahiri has been playing great golf, he could do it.

All I've done all week is play my game and see my shots and focus and commit to them. So from my point of view, it's more of the same. Just come out and have a good process and execute it and hopefully the number will follow.

Q. How did it go?
JUSTIN ROSE: It was a great day. I really enjoyed playing with Lucas, first time I played with him. Didn't know much about his game. Was very, very impressed. We had a fun day out there sort of flip-flopping birdies and I made a couple of eagles out there. My round balled down to two eagles and some good par saves. I got into trouble a couple of times but I was able to salvage a good par which keeps the momentum of the round going.

Lucas played really solidly today and I just felt like at one point, I was just trying to stay with him. And it was nice, we separated from the field a little bit. And you know, by no means is no one else in the golf tournament, but it's nice that Lucas and I can go and try and put it away tomorrow.

Q. Four birdies in a row -- what were you thinking at that point?
JUSTIN ROSE: We all have a run at some point, so I just had to be patient. I sort of missed a small-ish birdie putt at No. 11 and then 12, I hit a good shot down the pin and didn't make birdie there.

The par 5 was critical. We both hit good tee shots there and to make that long eagle putt was a bonus and birdie the next, that kind of got the momentum back. We both got out of position on 18 and I was fortunate enough to save par. He actually hit a great shot from the right rough and got extremely unlucky, rolling right up against the cush of rough in the back which makes it a very hard shot. That was the only blemish from the two of us all day.

Q. Almost a case when the two of you are playing so well, are you almost kind of inspiring each other in a way.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, you're seeing good shots, your own good shots and someone else's good shots. It kind of keeps you believing there's lots of birdies to be had out there. We sort of play a similar game, too. We hit the ball a fairly similar distance off the tee and I could club off him, as well. Having played with him today, I feel like at least I've learned his game a little bit which can help tomorrow, too.

Q. What will you be taking a note of and trying to exploit tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, you know, obviously if he comes out and plays the same way, I have to come out and play really well tomorrow. That's always the case; tournaments are never easy to win if you're leading by two, four or one behind. You've always got to come out on Sunday and play well.

So for me, really nothing changes tomorrow. Just come out, have a good game plan, execute it and make some putts. If you don't do that, you don't win; if you do, you've got a great chance.

Q. Did you expect that he would be among the top today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, he's played a decent end of season. Seems to be playing quite well. Fooch told me he played well here last year if I'm not mistaken. Anyone that shoots 66-66 obviously has control of their game for the most part. But did I expect us to shoot 64 and 63 today? Probably not. So it was a fun two-ball to be a part of.

Q. When was the last time you had two eagles in a round?
JUSTIN ROSE: Augusta probably. I think I had two eagles in the final round one year about two or three years ago.

Q. Where does this rank in your rounds --
JUSTIN ROSE: I think my first round was the best round of the week. I played way better Thursday than I have the last two days. But that was definitely one of the more fun rounds, yeah.

Q. But you're not disappointed with how you did today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Disappointed?

Q. Today, you wouldn't be disappointed?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, not disappointed at all, no.

Q. The first day was better --
JUSTIN ROSE: The first day I got into no trouble. Hit every fairway, every green. I shot 5-under, but I had about six putts that coulda, shoulda gone in. It was kind of that kind of day where I just really had it under control. The last two days I've had to fight a bit harder for my score, which are rewarding. They are as rewarding in many ways.

Q. Can we expect more of the same tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: You never expect it. You've got to play one shot at a time, and the golf course, we'll see what the flags -- obviously today, the pins were fairly easy in some spots. They always set the course up fairly easy on Saturdays. It's a bit of a moving day. Tee was up on No. 10.

I would say the course will play a shot harder tomorrow at least, maybe some Sunday pins, could play two shots harder. Again, it's going to be a round to not try to get ahead of yourself and just take your chances when they come.

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