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October 23, 2015

Chad Campbell

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. I hated to see that putt lip out for you at 18, but that's not going to ruin your evening?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, it's not. Definitely locked in a little bit differently, but I feel like I played solidly, and hopefully keep it going this weekend.

Q. You had to work towards the finish there, particularly on the par-3s on the back stretch probably a little harder than you wanted to work?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it was. There on 14, that putt is generally really fast, so I left it way short and I was able to make that one and get up-and-down on 17. I felt solid, feel like I played well, and look forward to this weekend.

Q. On 17 I thought it would have been better if it went in the bunker, but you didn't hesitate.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Well, you only really have one option, just kind of flip it up there and see what you get. It wasn't the easiest putt. It was nice to make that one.

Q. Although are you happy with your ball-striking throughout the round?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, not too bad. At the end I hit some kind of poor shots, but overall definitely happy.

Q. How comfortable are you playing here?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, probably so. I played it a lot here in college. Came out here and practiced a lot. I definitely feel comfortable on it.

Q. Can I ask you about 15, what it's like? It's so tempting to try to drive the hole, yet you don't want to blow it. How do you play that hole?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I mean, unless it's into the wind, you're always hitting driver, even sometimes 3-wood. A lot of guys are hitting 3-woods and getting there. I think that's your best option, get it up around the green and see what you have from there.

Q. Is it the easiest hole on the course in your mind?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, I wouldn't say so at all. Even though the yardage says it probably is, it gets pretty tricky around the green if you miss it in the wrong spots.

Q. You had a visit from Coach Knight this morning on the practice range. Any advice he gave you going into the second round? He usually comes up with something.
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, we just talked, just kind of caught up a little bit. I hadn't seen him much this week, so it was nice to see him. He always comes out and is very supportive of his old players. It was nice to see him.

Q. What's your mindset going into the last two days with a share of the lead? I mean, do you want to attack the course now or do you just want to play more conservative?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, this course you've got to keep making birdies. You know, there's a lot of par-5s out there that are reachable. I think in the past it's been at least 20-under wins, so you've got to keep making birdies and keep being aggressive.

Q. You did pretty well here last year, rose in the rankings. What do you attribute that to and how nice is it to see the good play continue this season?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, just hard work. You know, last year I felt like was pretty good, especially the summer. I feel like I played pretty well in the summer and had some chances to win, not great chances but was up there, and it's nice getting back in that situation.

Q. Was there anything you did with your swing during the last off-season or anything?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really, no. It's just finally got a little confidence, and I can't say it's ball-striking or putting or anything. It's just kind of a combination of everything that I was kind of struggling with. I've kind of got everything back on the right track.

Q. Despite the bogey at the end, how would you assess today's round?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I feel like I played pretty well today. Definitely happy with the way I played. Like you said, I would have liked to end it a little differently, but it is what it is, and I'm looking forward to this weekend. I definitely like where I'm at right now.

Q. What have you found in your game the last two rounds that have gotten you to this point?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, just kind of a continuation of how I felt like I was playing at the end of last year. Not the very end, but you know, during the summer of last year, I felt like I was on the right track, and just kind of felt comfortable on this golf course, and we'll see what happens.

Q. Saturday is always a day for lower scoring it seems like. What do you look for tomorrow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Hopefully a lot of birdies. At this tournament you tend to have to make a lot of birdies out here to compete, especially on the weekend. Hopefully we'll come out tomorrow and keep playing the way I'm playing.

Q. How much support are you hearing from fans?
CHAD CAMPBELL: A little bit, yeah. You get some Rebels here and there. Coach was out here this morning on the range and kind of caught up with him for a little bit, so that was nice to be able to see him.

Q. Is he still giving you a little bit of swing tips?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Every once in a while he'll give me some putting tips. Yeah, he's always been very helpful on putting and short game. I owe a lot to him for what he's taught me over the years.

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