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October 23, 2015

Marcus Stroman

Kansas City, Missouri - Pregame six

Q. Obviously you guys have work to do tonight. How exciting is the prospect of possibly going to a seventh game to go into the World Series?
MARCUS STROMAN: It's definitely exciting. Game 7 of the ALCS, there's no place I'd rather be. I'm ready. I'm excited and I'm hoping it gets to that point. I think we have an opportunity to get there.

Q. Do you watch video of your previous start against these guys? How do you get ready for a start when you've just faced them a couple of days ago?
MARCUS STROMAN: Yeah, I go back and watch the video, game film, see their pitch sequences, but more just to look and kind of get a feel, not necessarily trying to overdo too much or overanalyze, I kind of let the game dictate. I try to make game adjustments and kind of take it from there.

But that will definitely be part of the preparation.

Q. Have you patented the HDMH? Is there a line of things to come with it?
MARCUS STROMAN: There will be, yeah. I have the trademark, the copyrights for both America and Canada. So there will be something in the works in the near future. It's my brand, it's something I've always wanted to do.

Q. Where did you get that from, "height doesn't measure heart"?
MARCUS STROMAN: Myself. It's something I started saying probably freshman of college. I knew there were stereotypes out there and a bunch of people doubting me based on my physical stature. It's a phrase I came up with in my head and said ever since.

Q. You've got great run support in the first game, but the Royals had some relatively decent swings against you, they had 11 hits in the game. Are there any adjustments you're thinking about making?
MARCUS STROMAN: I'm ready. I have the game plan I'll go about in my head. Like I said, I've looked at video, talked to our pitching coaches, went over it with Russell. I'm excited to get back out there and put our team in a position to win.

Q. When you were going through your rehab and away from your team, how far away did a moment like this seem for you?
MARCUS STROMAN: I kept good faith the entire time. And I definitely had it in the back of my head in a perfect case scenario this is where I would be. But it's hard to actually sit there and actually believe you'd be sitting in this position this day.

This still feels like a dream to me, now. Still feels like I haven't woke up this entire summer. And everything has worked out perfectly. Just thankful for every single person I've had in my corner and anyone that's helped me got here, it's been truly special.

Q. In your first trip to the Postseason here what have you learned about how pitching in the playoffs is different than pitching in the regular season?
MARCUS STROMAN: It's just the intensity. Everything is amped up times a hundred, you know what I mean? So every pitch feels like it's 3-2, bottom of the 9th, bases loaded. And the crowd plays a large part into that. I love pitching 3-2, bottom of the 9th, two outs. It's emotional. Just as long as you can keep your emotions in check and use it for the right reasons it's an extremely fun atmosphere to play in.

And this is why we play the game to be in this position. It's Game 6, we have David Price on the mound, hundred percent confidence in him to get it done and then kind of take it from there.

Q. It seems like your team has played its best baseball with backs up against the wall. What is it about the personality of this team that's allowed you guys to do that?
MARCUS STROMAN: It's the confidence of this group, you know what I mean? Every single person believes that every time we step on the field we're going to get a win. You couldn't tell if we were down 2-0 or 0-2 in the series in our clubhouse. You would not know the difference if you walked in there. Everyone knows we're going to get the job done, everyone believes. It's a family, it's a brotherhood. And we attack it that way.

We don't get discouraged by losing games, because we know how capable we are of coming out and winning several games in a row. We're confident and we're game ready.

Q. What's it been like being a teammate with David Price and what have you learned in the short time with him?
MARCUS STROMAN: It's hard to put in words. I've only been here for whatever it's been, a month and a half. I've gotten to know David Price over the last year pretty well, just kind of after him reaching out to me last year. He's one of the best human beings I've ever been around in my life, on and off the field.

He is the most genuine, humble, down to earth person you could ever possibly meet. He loves and cares for every single one of his teammates. I can't put into words how crucial he is to our clubhouse, how crucial he is to our camaraderie. He's the glue that gets everyone going. He's the man behind it all. I just consider myself lucky to be one of his teammates and call him a friend.

Q. Before the Division Series you talked about feeding off the home crowd, the noise at Rogers Centre. Does it work in reverse, where everyone is going to be against you?
MARCUS STROMAN: Yeah, a hundred percent. Whether it's home or on the road it's part of baseball. So the crowds are extremely intense. Whether it's love or hate, just being able to challenge all that energy into pitching, it's fun. I love it. I love being in little ballparks and having huge crowds and everyone being against you. It kind of brings out the best, and makes you kind of get up and be your best.

I can't wait to be out there.

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