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October 23, 2015

Alcides Escobar

Kansas City, Missouri - Pregame six

Q. You have played a very relaxed game up to now, defensively, offensively. What's your state of mind right now, are you relaxed, ready to go? How did the experience of last year help you?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: I'm ready to roll. It's game by game. I'm happy to be back in KC and want to finish tonight.

Q. With the way you all swept through the playoffs last year, does the competitive nature of this series, Houston and also Toronto, give you kind of a different perspective on the playoffs?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: That's a really good experience right now, and last year, like more quickly, sweeping the Angels, sweeping Baltimore. This year a little difficult. We played with the Houston Astros, who were playing really good, go to five games. Right now with Toronto, that's a really good team, too. We have the sixth game tonight. Time to win tonight and done.

Q. Knowing that you're aggressive at the plate, your success in the leadoff spot in this Postseason, do you feel like pitchers are approaching you differently at the plate?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: Yeah, I think the pitcher, he know I continue to be aggressive and continue to swing the bat. I'm feeling really good at the home plate. If you throw a first strike, I'll continue to swing the bat.

Q. Are you at all surprised with the knowledge that you basically swung at the first pitch about every time, that people still throw strikes to you on that first pitch, has that surprised you?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: Yeah, that surprised me right there, because everybody know I swing at the first pitch, and continue to throw a strike, if he does pitch it, continue to throw a strike, I'll continue to swing the bat.

Q. Why do you like swinging on the first pitch?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: 99 percent is a fastball right there in the strike zone.

Q. You all had a mission when the season started, and you've made it known throughout the year, to get back to the World Series. Now that that's within your grasp, take us through the year knowing that you have your own destiny in your own hands tonight.
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: Everybody wants to win the World Series. They fight now for one more game. Another win tonight and that's really close to being in the World Series again, the second year in a row for me and all my teammates.

Q. What do you think changed against Price in that seventh inning in Game 2? Can you use that at all tonight against them?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: Price in that game, they throwing like really good, for like six, seven innings in a row, and the seventh inning they got a little mistake. Those guys a little confused are on the fly ball. After that for us, we made five runs, that's good, that wins the game, that point right there.

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