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April 28, 2001

Kaname Yokoo


NELSON LUIS: We would like to welcome Kaname Yokoo into the interview room. He shot under 7-under today, up to 11-under in the tournament; currently our leader on our leader board. We will go over his card briefly; then obviously give us some time to interpret the questions and answers.

KANAME YOKOO: First hole 148 yards, pitching wedge, 45 feet, birdie putt. 2nd hole, 4-iron 235 yards left, 2-putt, birdie. No. 4, 7-iron a few inches, birdie. No. 7, 90 yards left, sand wedge. About twelve feet, birdie. No. 14, about 24 feet from the fringe used the putter for birdie. No. 15, shot it over about -- over the green on my comeback, I chipped in about 20, 25 feet. 116 yards left, used sand wedge to three feet for birdie on 16.

NELSON LUIS: Let's have some questions.

Q. Give us an idea of what it is like without your normal caddie this week.

KANAME YOKOO: First of all, I have told one person my original caddie also does interpreting. He is expecting a baby, so that is why he couldn't come this week, so this is the first time he is using a professional caddie and he has been helping a lot, a lot different with the reads and where to hit it. The only difficulty he has is the language barrier because he cannot speak English. That is the only difficulty that he has right now. But the caddie is great, professional caddie is so much different.

Q. How do you communicate as far as yardages and --

KANAME YOKOO: He says that some words he understand he will respond back, but sometimes if he doesn't understand it all, he will just ignore it.

Q. Just take the club out of the bag --

KANAME YOKOO: Yeah, bring the clubs out because the number-wise they can understand each other, so it's no problem in the club selection because they are talking to each other regarding which club. But you know, I am pretty sure walking down the fairway he is probably talking about his family or something else that he probably can't understand, he will just ignore it.

Q. On the 4th hole how -- were you very close to having a hole-in-one?

KANAME YOKOO: 7 inches.

Q. Short, rolled past, any chance?

KANAME YOKOO: He said it landed about two or three yards before -- in front of the pin. It kind of rolled but it didn't really get there but it was a tap-in.

Q. Two, three inches?


Q. Six inches. Are you nervous?


Q. Are you ever nervous?

KANAME YOKOO: Sometimes.

Q. How much does that help you to have an even temperament?

KANAME YOKOO: Yes is the answer to your question.

Q. How much would it means to win in America?

KANAME YOKOO: He said he will think about it when he wins.

Q. Can you give us an idea of what the faxes that you receive -- what do they say?

KANAME YOKOO: I really haven't read it yet. He read the first one on the first page it said: Win, win for Japan, or win.

Q. Are you surprised, what it is like, three or four in the morning back home that there are fans who have sent faxes, gone to the trouble to find the fax number here, et cetera?

KANAME YOKOO: He is very happy. Yes, he is surprised a little bit. He is happy that even at this hour in Japan that there are people rooting for him.

Q. How close was your eagle putt on No. 13?

KANAME YOKOO: It was about 45 feet. About 7-foot short.

Q. Who is your caddie and does he work for another player on the Tour?

KANAME YOKOO: Aaron Buchmeister (phonetic) who is -- there is a person named Bob Turner, he is from Phoenix, he is kind of like -- he does agent business but he is only interpreter. He worked for a guy named Bob Turner out of Phoenix. His name is Aaron Buchmeister.

Q. That is his caddie this week?


Q. Who is his caddie this week?

KANAME YOKOO: J.P. Hayes' caddie. Back there, Judo (phonetic) really is the caddie far Maruyama. He found John for him this week.

Q. What will your attitude be going into the round tomorrow?

KANAME YOKOO: Just work hard, do his best.

End of FastScripts....

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