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October 22, 2015

William McGirt

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Fantastic round for you and always great to finish with a birdie, isn't it?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Oh, yeah, for sure. I was just kind of swiping it around that second nine there, and managed to sneak one in there at the end, so it'll make dinner taste a little bit better.

Q. You weren't swiping around on your front nine today, which was the back nine. You had that great run 13 through 17, so what happened on 18?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I left it about two inches short dead center. Yeah, just kind of got on something and kind of ran with it for a while. Yeah, had a great look on 18 and it was just a little slower than I thought it was, and it was dead center. You know, five in a row was good. It would have been great to finish with six, but all in all, it was a pretty solid day.

Q. Let's talk about this event and it has special meaning for you. Your father was treated at a Shriners Hospital when he was a child.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, my dad was born with clubbed feet, and as a kid he had his surgery at the Shriners Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. I've met a couple of these guys early on in my career, and I've been going to some of the hospitals whenever we're close by and I have time. I've been to three different hospitals this year with Greenville, Los Angeles and Boston, and you know, there's nothing like going in and putting a smile on a kid's face. You know, the work that the Shriners do in conjunction with the doctors is nothing short of a miracle. You know, I've been blessed to see some kids with some really debilitating diseases or problems, and you know, to walk in there and -- I've never run across a kid who had a bad attitude. They are so positive and upbeat, it makes you realize a bad day on the golf course doesn't really mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Q. They bring some energy when they come out here to visit you players, too, don't they?
WILLIAM McGIRT: Absolutely. I went and spoke at the pro-am party Tuesday night, and right after I spoke, one of the Shriners got up, and it was rocking and rolling when I left.

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