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September 5, 1993

Mats Wilander


Q. After the mental effort required last time, did you find that your mind wasn't perhaps strong enough to do what you have to do today?

MATS WILANDER: Sort of, but I think that big difference is against somebody like Pioline, you don't really have that much of a chance to get into a rhythm, and against Pernfors, I had a chance to play a streak. I played a couple of good games. And when I was playing good, you have a chance to break his serve all the time. But with Pioline you might feel good, but he hits a couple of aces and few winners and just takes a minute per game sometimes and I am not sharp enough to be able to take advantage when I have 15-30 every time. So I don't know, it is just a little bit too far for me today.

Q. Would you like to plan to get sharp enough?

MATS WILANDER: When I am out there, it feels like it would be nice to know that I am a serving a little bit better and not miss easy shots at breakpoints, or game points or whatever.

Q. Did you recover from the Pernfors match? Did you feel physically okay?

MATS WILANDER: Yeah, I felt okay. I think it was just missing a night's sleep was the hardest thing, but that is the U.S. Open, I guess.

Q. Do you think Pioline will do well against Courier?

MATS WILANDER: I think so. I think he has got a very good game and I mean, he has got all his shots and going to play both sides and he serves well. I am not sure, maybe Courier hits with too much power and depth possibly, but no, he is a very good player and I think if he plays well, he has got a good chance. I can't really say if -- obviously will be the favorite. And I haven't played Courier so I am not really sure how good Courier is but...

Q. Mats, are you going to continue your comeback effort or are you going to go back to Connecticut and hang out?

MATS WILANDER: I don't know. I will go to Connecticut and hang out; whether I play tennis later, I am not sure.

Q. What do you feel about your performance this week here?

MATS WILANDER: I thought I played pretty well in all three matches overall. I thought today I played maybe not as well as against Pernfors, but then again I lost my serve once in each set and I am used to doing that and I did that in both the other matches, just Pioline served a little bit better than I expected and just didn't really give me a chance to break.

Q. How about being back at a Grand Slam?

MATS WILANDER: No, I mean, I enjoyed it. I think this is -- I mean, the Grand Slams are the ultimate tennis tournaments for any player, I would think, so it is the motivation. If you don't get motivated here, then you shouldn't definitely play anymore.

Q. Did you enjoy it?

MATS WILANDER: Yeah, never fun to lose. I enjoyed it. Yeah, I did better than I expected, so --

Q. What were your feelings the morning or the afternoon after the Pernfors match, after the whole thing; losing a night sleep over it, what were your feelings about either satisfaction or pride? Did it feel like the old days?

MATS WILANDER: No, I think I was -- I was satisfied that I could stay in the match for that long and still feel pretty good at the end of the match and I was also glad that I could keep focused for that long, I guess. Then again, the day after it doesn't really feel like you played the night before. Physically you feel like it, but mentally the match, the day after the match, is gone. You remember a couple of points here and there, but eventually it will be just one of the good matches.

Q. Did you have trouble getting out of bed physically?

MATS WILANDER: Yeah. Yeah. I never got into bed, so --

Q. What were you doing at this time in the year, past two years you obviously weren't playing in the Open? Were you here? Were you watching it?

MATS WILANDER: Last year I was here watching a little bit, yeah. The year before, I am not sure, I might have been here too watching it. I don't know.

Q. Did you miss sitting up in the stands? Did you miss being out on the court?

MATS WILANDER: Miss sitting in the stands -- no, I didn't miss it. Then I would have kept playing. I don't really -- there is no reason why I play now because I miss it. I think that is another wrong reason to play just because you miss it. I just enjoy playing and it is -- I have a lot more fun to play now than it was five, six years ago. But when you don't put the same amount of pressure on yourself, but, you know, if you want to be in the position and you did what you thought you could do, then it is, I guess, a lot easier to have that attitude that I have now.

Q. You joke about, you know, going back and hanging out. What is hanging out for you these days?

MATS WILANDER: Ask her what she means. I mean, hanging out for me is just being home and play tennis one day and golf the same day, maybe just take care of my family.

Q. How has your wife felt about -- what did she have to say about coming back?

MATS WILANDER: I think that she is happy that, you know, that I have decided to play a little bit and she supports whatever decision I want to take. Ultimate decision is going to be mine. If I don't want to play, then it doesn't matter how many people want me to play. That is not going to happen. And if everybody thinks I shouldn't play and I want to play, then I am going to play.

Q. You haven't been away that long, but have you been away long enough to notice any changes in the game, are people hitting a little bit harder?

MATS WILANDER: Yeah. Yeah. I think that the difference between -- actually the same player can hit such a great shot and then for a moment he can hit such a bad shot and it is very discouraging for me to be playing the way I played to play against guys that-- they can hit backhands winners at 150 miles an hour and then the next moment you hit a second serve and they hit a slice that hits the fence. And sometimes I walk around and say, God, this guy can't play at all and then sometimes, bang, bang, bang, and he breaks you and then you wonder what happened. So it has changed a little bit, yeah, I don't remember feeling as helpless before as you can do these days.

Q. Will you play in Uruguay in an exhibition?

MATS WILANDER: Most probably, yeah.

Q. I know couple of years ago you were touring, playing music at Swedish pubs and things. Are you still dabbling in music, playing in bands?


Q. You have given that up entirely?


End of FastScripts....

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