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October 22, 2015

Yordano Ventura

Kansas City, Missouri - Workout Day

Q. What's your excitement level for this big start again in facing the Blue Jays' lineup the second time in just a few days?
YORDANO VENTURA: Just taking it like another game. I'm just happy to be able to bring the series back home to Kansas City and I'll be ready tomorrow to pitch and perform for my club.

Q. How exciting is the prospect of taking the mound with a chance to put your team in the World Series?
YORDANO VENTURA: Very fortunate and happy that this game has landed on my turn here in Kansas City and with the opportunity for me to take this club to the World Series, and I'll be ready for tomorrow's game.

Q. What is the challenge of facing the same team two starts in a row?
YORDANO VENTURA: I don't think there's anything difficult to it. I've got to go out and execute and I feel like my stuff, if I execute would be sufficient.

But again, I'm going to go out and give it my best. And whatever happens, happens.

Q. How impressed were you with the Toronto lineup the last time you faced them?
YORDANO VENTURA: Very impressive lineup. They're very talented, but that doesn't mean I'm going to shy away from anything. And whatever God wants to happen tomorrow is going to happen. I'll be ready.

Q. Besides hit home runs, what does their lineup do well? What is another challenge about them?
YORDANO VENTURA: It's a good lineup, but I'm not too focused on their lineup. I'm focused on my stuff and how I'm feeling tomorrow and what I'm going to be able to feature tomorrow. I'm not too focused on what they bring to the table; I'm concerned about how I'm going to feel.

Q. What do you feel you bring to the table? What is it about your stuff that matches up with their lineup do you think?
YORDANO VENTURA: Everybody knows what I features every day, it's no secret to this game. I'm going to attack the strike zone, if I've got to pitch in, if I have to make an adjustment away, I'll make the adjustment. And I'm going to give everything tomorrow to help this club win and get to the World Series.

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