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October 22, 2015

Cheng-Tsung Pan

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. Talk about what a turnaround that was.
C.T. PAN: It was amazing. My iron shots were probably the best I've ever had. I've hit to like four, five feet, five, six times. That's how I managed five, six birdies out there. Made one bogey, which was unfortunate, but it's all right. I think it's a tough course, so I will for sure make some mistakes out there.

Q. That's saying something, to say that the iron shots are the best you've ever had. Is it down to conditions or your application?
C.T. PAN: I've been hitting my iron shots really good recently, and today, just, I mean, the yardage was right. I made a lot of right decisions and that put me in a really good spot and I executed them really well. Just something you don't complain and hopefully it continues.

Q. What do you make of this course here at Fanling? Is it your kind of style?
C.T. PAN: Yeah, I played here, probably ten years ago, for the Nick Faldo junior series here. It's a lovely course. It's hard. It's not easy. The rough is long and the greens, super fast. It's out there; you can score if you play well.

Q. Do you have good memories of that time, even though it's a long while ago?
C.T. PAN: The only thing I remember was I think I played with Rory McIlroy that year. Maybe I beat him.

Q. How is professional life going?
C.T. PAN: I turned professional in June, so it's only a few months for me. It's been great. I played a lot of the nicest courses and got a lot of sponsor invites in Asia on the Asian Tour. So I've played well.

But it's always harder to win a championship like this, so I've got more work to do I guess.

Q. I guess it's still a learning experience, but golf always is, isn't it?
C.T. PAN: Yes, it's hard. You've got to keep learning, keep improving.

Q. Did you have particular expectations coming into this week or particular aims?
C.T. PAN: No, I just wanted to give myself a good chance to put myself in a good spot. So I got a sponsor invite this year, so hopefully I can play well so I don't have to rely on an exemption again. So we will see.

Q. And sometimes when you get that kind of sponsor's invite, you actually really want to do well, to pay them back.
C.T. PAN: Definitely, I want to play -- this course is great and it fits my game really well, so I really want to play good. But I'll just take my 65 and relax for a day.

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