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October 22, 2015

Lizette Salas

Taipei, Taiwan

Q. A lovely round of 69. I bet you would have taken that at the beginning of the day?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, definitely. Just the conditions here are expected to be tough and to be 4-under after nine was a great start, and a couple of bad shots on the back side but I didn't let that get to me and I finished on a good note. Just trying to keep it fun and using my imagination with this wind.

Q. You certainly need to around this golf course. I see you've adopted a new putting technique, left-hand-low.
LIZETTE SALAS: I switched in Korea and was more comfortable with the golf ball and can see my lines better and had a better finish in Korea last week. It's been helping me keep my head down and just feel more stable over the ball. I mean, it's going in, so I'm just going to keep it going.

Q. So many of the great LPGA players putt left-hand-low. Why are we seeing so many women professionals, do you think?
LIZETTE SALAS: I think it just hugs the ground longer. I mean, I have no idea to be honest. I don't know the technique side of it. I just know it's creating better results. But for longer putts, I am just normal right-hand-low for longer putts. Just speed-wise, keeping the lines better, I don't know, it just goes in the hole.

Q. And how are you controlling your flight in the wind? Have you had to change golf clubs, modify your golf bag at all, because maybe longer irons are needed?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, definitely. I think a couple of shots, I had like maybe a two-club wind. But I played here last year, so I'm pretty normal, pretty comfortable with it. And I mean, everyone's got to do it.

The fact that you've got to pull out a 5-iron when it's really a 7, it kind of hits you a little hard but you have to do it in order to make birdies. You've got to do what you've got to do. So we'll have some more fun this week.

Q. It will be testing conditions the next three days but you must be looking forward to the next couple of days?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, definitely. I'm just going to practice my knock-down shots and do some lengthy ones and we'll improve each day.

Q. Post-Solheim Cup, what did you?
LIZETTE SALAS: I went home. You know, for like the first week, I was smiling for no reason. It was just an amazing thing. I looked over the footage at least six times and just, I don't know, it was just so amazing. I couldn't believe it happened. And it was just amazing. The welcome that I got from my family, from my junior golf program, it's like -- I felt like we're all nationwide heros for that.

It was such a great feeling to be a part of it. And my coach texted me like the second week I was home and said he was like, "Are you stilling smiling for no reason?"

I said, "Yeah, pretty much. But, back to work. It was fun.

Q. Did you rest up a little bit?
LIZETTE SALAS: Definitely, for like the first week and a half, because Solheim just takes so much out of you, just emotionally just draining -- and that flight home. So I didn't do much.

Q. Are you still with Joe?

Q. Did you see him at all in that stretch when you got home?
LIZETTE SALAS: No. I probably should have. But he's in Nashville; I'm in L.A. He'll be at CME.

Q. So rough start to the Asia Swing?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, it was really bad. I was off 10 every day, let's just say that.

Q. What was going on?
LIZETTE SALAS: I think just too much going on on the brain, just thinking way too much. Just kind of being a little negative didn't really help either. So I just kind of scratched it and approached Korea in a different way.

Curt's really good about not being negative and staying positive. So we just changed the putting style and we worked on the swing, and via like video messaging with my coach, yeah, just focusing more on short game. It's been working out.

Q. Did you play here last year?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yes, I did. I don't remember the golf course but I don't remember what I finished, top 30 I think.

Q. Comfortable on this course?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah. I think I like the front better than the back for sure. It's just all imagination and picking the right lines, and knowing you've got to trust your line and trust where you're hitting it. And I think some of the shots where I just messed up is I did not trust it. I didn't trust the wind and I didn't trust the way it was going to turn that far. But it's all just kind of getting comfortable with it.

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