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October 21, 2015

Ned Yost

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame five

Toronto - 7 Kansas City - 1

Q. What was the issue with the umpire when you came to put Herrera in, what was your issue with him?
NED YOST: I thought some of those pitches were close. We didn't get them.

Q. Was there frustration that you weren't able to get an appeal on Bautista's check swing?
NED YOST: Yeah, I wanted to get an appeal there, but I couldn't get anybody's attention because the crowd was so loud. If those things linger, you're never going to get the call.

Q. In that inning you had one of a thousand decisions. Can you walk us through what went into letting Volquez face Encarnacion with the bases loaded?
NED YOST: Oh, I thought he still had good stuff. We had Herrera there. They hadn't scored. Eddie's fastball had all kinds of life. We were looking for a double play ball, quite frankly, with all the movement on it, we just didn't get it.

Q. Were the pitches that you thought were close, was it the two ball fours then Bautista and Encarnacion?
NED YOST: Yes. I thought the pitch to Bautista was definitely a strike. And I thought we had a chance on him swinging, but we couldn't get anybody's attention on it.

And the one to Encarnacion probably could have gone either way, we just didn't get the call there.

Q. Sal is right next to the umpire. Shouldn't the umpire have his ears open to hear Sal appeal for it?
NED YOST: Sal wasn't trying to appeal for it. It was too loud for me to hear what they were talking about. I'm not a mind reader, I don't know what they were talking about.

We were trying to get their attention to get him to appeal it. I don't know if he was arguing the pitch, I don't know what he was talking about.

Q. What do you think was the biggest difference between the Estrada of the other day and the Estrada of today?
NED YOST: Today he was absolutely dynamite. He didn't miss spots. His change-up was fantastic. He just didn't give us anything to hit. Esky did a great job of breaking up the no-hitter, got the count to 3-2 and then finally got a pitch to drive through the 5-6 hole. Outside of that he did a great job of commanding the baseball, executing his pitches and keeping us off balance.

Q. A quick two-parter about Ventura. Obviously a tale of two seasons for him. Can you explain some of the things you saw that helped him really turn the corner and finish so strong. He hasn't made it through five yet in the Postseason. Do you feel like he has another gear to get in Game 6?
NED YOST: You know, he just got to a point where I think he started the year off as the No. 1 starter, really tried to take the whole team on his shoulders, put too much pressure on himself, finally got to a point where we sent him down, Vargy got hurt. He came back the very next day and started climbing back to where he was.

It was just time for him to get his confidence back. And I think Johnny Cueto coming, and Eddie's influence have helped him a lot, being a young pitcher, developing and getting his confidence back.

Q. Being a good defensive team is so crucial this time of year, this time in a series. How comforting is it for you to see that your team is still so sound defensively -- Hosmer's catch?
NED YOST: Yeah, it's good. To have the good bullpen and the great defense plays a big part in us being very, very successful, not only last year, but this year, too. We can stop rallies with defense, our pitchers have confidence knowing that they can pitch to contact because we can make plays defensively.

Q. You still have the edge going home with a lead in this series. How do you think the series is poised off of the swings between today and yesterday's game?
NED YOST: Again, we knew it was going to be a tough series. But after winning the first two games, in reality your goal is to come to Toronto, and kind of a foreign environment, a hostile environment, and at least win one. Then you get to go home and win one there and the series is over.

Now we're going back to a place where we're completely comfortable. That's why home-field was so important to us. We really wanted to play four games in our park. And we're taking a 3-game-to-2-lead back to where we are comfortable and back to our home fans that support us and are fantastic.

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