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October 21, 2015

Salvador Perez

Toronto, Ontario - Pregame five

Q. You feel a little snake bit. All catchers get pounded around a little bit, but it looks like you're in a 15-round fight in the series so far. You can say you're all right, but you're taking a pretty good beating back there.
SALVADOR PEREZ: Yesterday I felt a little dizzy after the foul ball hitting my face. I go out for another inning after the big lead, you know. He want to give me the last two innings. So I'm ready today.

Q. This is probably a silly question. But what hurts more, the foul tip straight back or the bats coming back following through?
SALVADOR PEREZ: I think the foul ball coming to my face, to here (indicating.) I think that's the worst for me.

That's why sometimes when they swing I put my head a little down, because if the ball is going to hit me, I'd rather to hit me in here rather than down in my face (indicating).

Q. Have you ever talked to any other big catchers, like Alomar or Matt Wieters, that's why you get hit more with these things, because you're so big back there?
SALVADOR PEREZ: Alomar told me, Sal, we can do nothing about that, you're going to get hit no matter what. We tough. We are big guys, I think it's more easy to get hit than the little guys.

Q. A year ago you all were entering an area that you had never been in trying to win a pennant. Is it any different now going into a possible clinching game, having that experience from last year?
SALVADOR PEREZ: Yeah, I think the experience is important for us. Last year we just want to be in playoff because we've never been before. And now we know how it feel, and now we want to win.

Q. You play a lot, and you also played in Venezuela sometimes, and you also get hit a lot. How do you manage to play so long, the whole season, and finish fresh like you are right now?
SALVADOR PEREZ: I'm young guy. Prepare myself every day, working with the trainer, cool tub, hot tub, a workout, and God, thank you, God, for keeping me healthy.

Q. What's the most pain you've been in in a baseball field, the most pain you felt, one specific hit? Not the kind of hit.
SALVADOR PEREZ: I always hurt. A foul ball always hurts. No, I don't remember.

Q. None more than the others?

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