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October 20, 2015

Alcides Escobar

Alex Rios

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame four

Royals - 14 Blue Jays - 2

Q. This is for Alex. Alex, I know you just want to help your team win, does it feel any sweeter to have the kind of game you had here where you used to play, with the fans kind of on top of you the entire series?
ALEX RIOS: You know what, it doesn't make any difference. I think this is a team that we have to go out and beat. Even though I played here, I have great memories from when I was here. But it's just another team that we have to go out and beat. So that's what we're focusing on.

Q. Can you describe what went into the bunt to start the game. Had you thought about it ahead of time? Just what you saw to do that?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: You know, I don't thinking to bunting in that situation with Dickey, he's a knuckle guy. I saw the third baseman, he's playing a little bit back, that's why I'm bunting in the first inning.

Q. Could you just address just the top of the order being so productive and how satisfying that is for everybody to be contributing.
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: For me, they're good teammates. I want to go to the home plate and be aggressive, trying to swing the strike. And I'm doing really good right now. Continue to be the same guy. I don't need to change anything.

Q. Alex, Ned recalled before the game how he went up to you and said he felt like you were going to have a good game today. Do you remember that conversation and did you have similar sentiments going into the game today?
ALEX RIOS: I recall the conversation we had. There's no way to determine whether you're going to have a good game or not. I really had a good batting practice, that's about it. But that doesn't mean much.

But I guess we did a good job as a team, collectively. Defensively we played well. Offensively we played even better.

Q. Are you so locked in when you're playing or even being introduced that you don't hear boos or do they amuse you? What happens with you, if that's such a thing as conscious in your mind?
ALEX RIOS: We're used to that kind of noise. We got pretty good crowds at home, and we're used to that kind of noise. And the louder it gets at the end, it's just noise. You can't really tell what they're saying or what they're trying to say. But we're used to that kind of ambiance.

Q. The mentality of this team, can you explain that to me, the way they lost yesterday to come back and win today?
ALEX RIOS: We were really focused on being productive collectively. And I guess we're doing a pretty good job of doing that. Defensively we've been good. Offensively we've been even better. So that's what we're focusing on.

Q. Ned Yost was talking about, before the game, that you you come through in the Postseason, but in Postseason you do so, so well. How could you describe how you do so much better in the Postseason than in regular season?
ALCIDES ESCOBAR: The regular season, long season. That's too many games, like 162 games. And in the Postseason everybody is playing like more hard.

When I'm coming to the field every game in the Postseason, my main thing is I want to win the game, I want to do the best I can. And right now I'm really focused and I feel really good behind home plate.

Q. What do you remember about playing in Medicine Hat years ago? Wasn't that your first Minor League stop? Also, what happened on the slide today? Did you know you were out on the steal? What happened there?
ALEX RIOS: About Medicine Hat, that's a long time ago. The only thing I can recall is big mosquitos that we used to get on night games.

But on the slide, I did came off of the bag a little bit. I knew I was out, but I was just waiting on the call.

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