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October 20, 2015

Steve Matz

Chicago, Illinois - Pregame three

Q. I know it's not particularly ideal that you haven't worked every five days. Is that any kind of impediment at all or do you still set to go?
STEVE MATZ: No, I still feel set to go. We've been doing this before. We've been on the sixth man, been on a five man, we've had days off. So I feel like I was able to get two bullpen sessions in, so feel ready to go.

Q. No matter what happens in tonight's game, can you just talk about how much fun it's going to be to pitch in tomorrow night's game, the magnitude and all that stuff?
STEVE MATZ: Yeah, I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I've never been here before or played here before or never even seen a game here. I'm really excited.

I've heard these fans are great. It's a great ballpark, lot of history here, so it's going to be fun.

Q. I was just going to ask you about Wrigley. It seemed like you guys had fun out there yesterday as a team, looking around, even guys that have been here. I just wondered what in particular about this ballpark struck you when you saw it for the first time?
STEVE MATZ: I just think on how old it is. I just think it's really cool. So we just wanted to check it out and soak it in as much as we can. We had some free time yesterday.

Q. Did you get in the scoreboard?
STEVE MATZ: Yeah, we got up to the scoreboard, looked around, checked out all the scenery and stuff, so it was pretty cool.

Q. With the staggered starts and work that you've had since you've come back, what's been the biggest challenge for you not being on regular starts and stuff like that?
STEVE MATZ: Really it hasn't been too challenging. I'm still able to get my work in in between starts. You know, you're not on necessarily a routine as much as you were during -- as much as I was during the regular season. But I'm still able to get my work in, and I still feel fresh for each start. So it's not too much of a challenge.

Q. In those two games at Citi Field, how did you handle the ticket requests that you got being from the area, and how many did you get?
STEVE MATZ: Actually, I didn't leave any. I was going to leave a bunch for some family, but when I found out that I'd be pitching here, they just kind of canceled so they could spend some money on their flights and stuff versus all the tickets.

Q. Just going through a Major League season for the first time this year, what do you think you're going to take going forward in terms of keeping yourself healthy and what you want for your routine here for years to come?
STEVE MATZ: I think I learned that more in the Minor Leagues. You kind of build a routine coming up, and you kind of figure yourself out. I feel like I have that down pretty good now. So I think more of this is soaking in these big games and experiencing this. I think this is really good for development.

Q. Do you have any history with any of the young Cub hitters? And just kind of what is your take on the lineup that you're going to face tomorrow night?
STEVE MATZ: I don't really have any history with them. They look like a tough lineup. They're a bunch of young, fiery guys. Matt and Noah have done a great job the first two games, so I'm just going to watch Jacob today, see how he attacks them, and try to just build off those guys.

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