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October 20, 2015

Justin Rose

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. How is your form coming in this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: I feel like my game is probably in better shape arriving this year than what it was in years past. So you know, pretty optimistic about playing well.

Q. How pleased are you with your consistency this year?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think consistency has been probably a key word for the year. Played well in the majors which I was very happy about. Florida Swing didn't go very well at all but began to play well in April.

I kind of built my year around April to September. That's all the majors. Did a good job of really playing well in pretty much every event I did for that spell.

Now it's about turning my attention to The Race to Dubai and finishing strong and trying to make the Christmas turkey taste as good as possible.

Q. Considering how well you played in the majors, do you feel slightly unlucky maybe you didn't win one?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I would say I was unlucky. I came up against great performances. Jordan was incredible at Augusta. Jason Day was incredible. You know, record-breaking performances. But I don't sort of dwell on it at all. I'm excited at how I played in the majors, and I feel like if I can keep that level up the next few years, hopefully the door will open once more.

Q. Being here in Hong Kong, it's a circus, isn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, obviously any time you sort of bring golf into sort of the city-type environment, it always creates a bit more of an energy. It's fun. It's nice to showcase golf in a different way, sort of doing the urban golf thing. I think it's a cool addition to the tournament.

Q. Asian golfers, especially Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Anriban Lahiri, have you had a chance play with them and how impressed are you with their rise over the last few years?
JUSTIN ROSE: I played with Lahiri, against him at the Match Play this year, and he's such a strong player. I was surprised at how far he hit the ball and he's a great putter. Actually I got the best of him and managed to beat him 1-up but we had a really good game and he was tough to beat.

I think it's great to see the Asian players coming through, and The Presidents Cup, I think was a good example of that, a very tightly-fought contest with some great names emerging for the International Team. Golf is in great shape.

Q. With what the Chinese and Koreans have done in other sports, especially Olympic sports, where they concentrate and put a lot of resources into it, do you think we'll see the next few, ten to 20 years, a lot of Chinese in the sort of Top 50, 20, World Rankings?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think it's only a matter of time, whether it's the next few years or next 20 years, it's going to happen eventually for sure.

Hopefully golf, now being back in the Olympics, will certainly encourage these emerging golf nations to take it more seriously and to put more resources into it.

Q. You've won the U.S. Open and you've gone through Q-School; how would you compare the pressures?
JUSTIN ROSE: They are very unique tests. Q-School is brutal. Really, it is. It's relentless in the sense that you've got guys go through Stage 1, Stage 2, and finally, what is it, 14 rounds of golf, and you can't really have a bad day. You can have an average day but you can't have a bad day. Pressure is on and you have to keep your level up.

There's an opportunity and I think that's the way you have to look at it. It's an opportunity to get your Tour card and an opportunity to fulfill your dream of getting on Tour. I think that's the way I choose to look at it rather than life or death, because there is always next year but that's a long year to wait. Just try and seize the opportunity.

Q. When you are at top as you are, how good are the rewards?
JUSTIN ROSE: The rewards are amazing. They are unfathomable, really, when you're a kid and you think about what I've been able to achieve. I think it was all dream stuff. But with the money side, and then you've got the winning side, and the winning side is what motivates me and the rest of it is just an added bonus.

I still have a passion for the game and I still practise hard and I love to practise and I love to work hard and I love to get better. That's what drives me every day.

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