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October 19, 2015

Ned Yost

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame three

Blue Jays - 11 Royals - 8

Q. What was the biggest difference between the Johnny you saw his last time out and tonight?
NED YOST: He couldn't command the ball down. He was up all night long. Just really struggled with his command. Got his pitch count up and just couldn't make an adjustment.

Q. You talked about how you would be very aggressive if he got into a jam. How different do you have to manage in that spot with Tulowitzki coming up tonight, knowing there's two more games coming up and you don't have all hands on deck?
NED YOST: You kind of hope he can find a way to make an adjustment. He's just up, up, up, up, up. And you're hoping somewhere, at the two-inning mark, you're just hoping that he can make that adjustment. Tonight he just couldn't.

Q. How crucial was Medlen's contribution?
NED YOST: Very, very crucial. It was a great job by Kris Medlen. It enabled us to get through that game without using Hoch, Duffy, Wade Davis, Madson and Herrera, which was big.

Now we've got two more games here, we can go ahead and pour the coals on them. With the three games you've got to make sure you don't overuse somebody. But two games in a row we can utilize those guys in both games, which makes it better. So he did a great job allowing us to do that.

Q. Did you think about getting Johnny a bat or two earlier?
NED YOST: No. It was the second inning, I was hoping that he could find a way to make an adjustment.

Q. How much of a benefit was getting the eight runs and getting into their bullpen so they won't be super fresh these next two days?
NED YOST: I was proud with our offense tonight, the way they swung the bats, all night long. They had some good at-bats against Stroman, some good at-bats throughout the game. We were down big there going into the ninth inning, but they didn't quit. They put a four-run on the spot.

Eight runs should be enough to win a ballgame, but tonight it wasn't.

Q. At this point with Johnny after three months do you find yourself just sort of unsure of which guy is going to come on the mound every night with the way his performance is?

Q. You don't?
NED YOST: No, I don't. His next start he's going to be able to work on some things on the side and guarantee you, if he makes another start in this series, he'll be good.

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