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October 18, 2015

Andy Sullivan

Vilamoura, Portugal

ANDY SULLIVAN: Incredible to go wire-to-wire, it's been unbelievable, and to establish the lead I did after 54 holes was really good. And was a bit happy until this morning, a bit edgy, but seemed to settle down. The putt on 4 really settled me down and from there onwards I felt quite comfortable and quite confident in my game in what I was doing and what I needed to do. To finish birdie, birdie the way I did and to have such a massive margin, it's an incredible feeling, as well to, have all my family and friends and my mom and dad here is unbelievable.

Q. Your wins have been so differing, so far back at the SA Open where we didn't think you had a chance, and the second one was again making up shots on the final day. Has it changed, your approach, the way you do things when you're leading all the time?
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, I think it's just the situation you find yourself in. I think you've got to adapt to it and I think I adapted really well today. I've never been that far in the lead. Never had a lead going into the final round, so it was something new to me to find out about myself.

I think I handled it really well. Didn't really make too many mistakes. Didn't go at too many flags and just really played within myself and kept calm out there and enjoyed it.

Q. We've known you're a good player for a long time. I daresay you have, but you need to get over that line. This season, can you quite believe that that's three victories?
ANDY SULLIVAN: No. You know what I mean, at the start of the year, you're obviously highlighting to win one, but to win three events in one year, words cannot describe how proud I am and I can't believe that I've done it. It's just incredible. Glad I've got a week off next week to enjoy it all now really.

Q. Bound to be knock-on effects like into the world's Top-50, nicely positioned, Race to Dubai, World Ranking points and all that and I suppose there's even team competitions to look forward to potentially.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, you never know these things. Today, I think a few of them things were in my mind last night, and I just tried to block it all out and just go out there and play golf and just let it take care of itself. If I keep playing golf to my ability, I think them things will take care of themselves, or if they don't, I've given it my best shot. So for me, it's just about going out there and trying to play good golf and enjoy it.

Q. Still plenty more to play for but tell me about the celebrations, because with your family here, should be fun, shouldn't it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I think it's going to get interesting a bit later, but like I say, just to be here and actually share it with your family, it's incredible. A bit disappointed that obviously my girlfriend and Ruby couldn't be here but I'm sure they will be here in spirit tonight when I celebrate.

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