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October 18, 2015

Gerina Piller

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Really great round to finish, got to feeling pretty good heading back to the States after that?
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, it's always good to end on a good note, and post some numbers out there on the weekend. So, yeah, I'm pretty excited.

Q. Feeling pretty good about where your game is at heading into the last stretch of the season?
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, two events left. I do. I've got a ton of confidence from Solheim, and these two weeks have definitely been huge confidence booster. And stayed with Juli this week; she gave me some great advice. I'm just going to keep rolling with it and see where it takes me.

Q. How will you spend the next three weeks? Playing Lorena?
GERINA PILLER: I will be playing Lorena's and I'll be playing CME. But I'm going two of the three weeks, going to go hang out with Martin on the PGA TOUR and watch him. Then the week we have off, I am going to my hometown because our City of Roswell is throwing me a party.

Q. What for?

Q. So are they naming the city after you for a day or giving you the key?
GERINA PILLER: No, just hang out, food, drinks, hopefully get the Solheim Cup there and take my golf bag and just let people take some pictures and just kind of hang out with the city. They have showed me a lot of support. I love going back home.

Q. A good weekend for the Pillers, as well, with Martin's first PGA TOUR event, as a new PGA TOUR member, makes the cut, and then you get a top five here?
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, it's more important I think for -- I feel like for him to play well because he is starting his new season and to get off on a good note is really huge for him. We all know, it means a lot to make that first cut. You know you belong out there, and you've got momentum to keep going.

Q. What were his thoughts about making the cut? I'm sure he wants to contend, but first event, you have to feel pretty good about playing four rounds.
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, I don't think he was satisfied that he just made the cut. Like he believes that he can win out there. So he felt like he's been playing great. He turned a two-day total of 2-under -- he said in his rookie year, he could have well been over par but he's learned so much and grown so much as a golfer that he saved that and got a 2-under out of it and made the cut. Whereas before, he probably would have missed the cut.

Q. Lexi played some amazing golfer at the Solheim Cup. Did you see this coming out of her? Looks like she's going to win here, barring something crazy on 18. Did you see this coming?
GERINA PILLER: I mean, she's a good player. Length is always a huge advantage. So, you know, it's just one of those things where you get the putts rolling. She's just a great player.

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