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October 18, 2015

Yani Tseng

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Another good week. Got to feel pretty good about that?
YANI TSENG: Yeah, getting closer and closer. I'm very feeling good about my game today and actually the whole week. I know I left some shots out there, but I do my best on every putt, every shot. I didn't give up any away. Still try to do my best to win the game and to fight to the end.

Q. What's changed in your game? You've been so consistent, too, recently.
YANI TSENG: Just being back where I am. It's better where I am I think. Just very happy working with my mental coach, my trainer, my coach. Everything just kind of get together and just want to thank some of the people that they are believing in me and trust me that I can still can win a tournament.

I'm just looking forward to win. I came to Asia for these five weeks and looking for a win. I know every week is getting close, and next week in Taiwan, it would be a great win in Taiwan.

Q. I know you said there was not a lot of swing changes when you started working with Claude. Do you feel like you're not even thinking about it anymore? Is it so ingrained at this point?
YANI TSENG: It's not -- we don't do much swing change. It's as simple as that. Just getting back to see the shot, feel the shot, instead of, oh, where should I put my club, my face. The last few years, always thinking about the swing and that's not the way I play and that's not my style.

The way I play golf, just see it and feel it, doesn't matter how my swing looks. I'm not the best swing out there, but I can see the shot and I can hit any shot I wanted to, so I think that's the most important things.

Q. Been awhile since you've been in contention. Are you nervous when you're in contention?
YANI TSENG: I'm nervous. I'm nervous but I think it's a great nervous. I'm missing this feeling and like hitting little longer on the last few holes, and even the irons, too. I miss those feelings. I wish I was nervous every week.

Q. Is the confidence back where it was?
YANI TSENG: I think so. I'm pretty confident. I just need to trust my swing and like I said, just seeing the shots, feel the shot and not think about too much and think I'm very comfortable.

Q. One of those things where if you keep feeling like this, you know it's going to come eventually?

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