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October 18, 2015

Amy Yang

Incheon, South Korea

Q. Did you see that out there heading into the week at all?
AMY YANG: Oh, my gosh, no, no. I don't know what just happened. Just can't believe, first time.

Q. Have you ever been on a roll like that?
AMY YANG: I think six in a row was my best. That's the first time. Shots were great. Early in the week I was shaky, but I don't know, this back nine was crazy good, plus putting.

Q. Is that the best round you've ever played?
AMY YANG: Third time.

Q. Third time you've shot 62?

Q. Were they all 10-under?
AMY YANG: 10-under, yeah.

Q. Where were the other two 62s at?
AMY YANG: I shot 10-under, I was 16, club championship. And then next one was SunCoast Tour at Metro West in Orlando.

Q. Was that pretty amazing to do that here at home, too?
AMY YANG: Yeah, I'm sure my family had a great time this week.

Q. Seems like the fans were really enjoying it, too.
AMY YANG: Yeah, fans are really great here. A lot of people, they all love golf, enjoying it.

Q. That's the lowest round in relation to par, lowest nine holes in relation to par in Tour history. What does that feel like?
AMY YANG: Oh, my gosh, I just told them, I never thought about it. Never thought about it. I don't know what just happened. I mean, if it can be a history, so honored.

Q. Was the fact that you were kind of back in the field, did that allow you to free-wheel it?
AMY YANG: Oh, yeah. A lot, a lot. The last three days, I've been just struggling a little bit out there swing-wise, and I just -- you know what, just I'm not playing for winning or anything. Just let's go have fun.

Q. Did something click in your swing?
AMY YANG: No, it wasn't really -- just try to think simple and just always get the right distance and then putting, keep it simple.

Q. You know, this golf course has seemed to set up well for long hitters. If you look at the leaderboard, it's kind of a bomber's golf course. How did that play in?
AMY YANG: Distance always can help, you know, but it's a pretty tough course. You have to be like strategic, too. The grass out of the rough is very thick and it's really hard.

Q. When you get on a roll like that, how do you kind of get out of your own way and not say to yourself, hey, you know, this is pretty good, and start thinking about the score rather than thinking about the next shot.
AMY YANG: I had so many experiences like this, so I'm just trying to keep it simple, not thinking too much. I'm not trying to do so well, like just keep it in the fairway. One shot at a time.

Q. You've shot 62 before, but have you ever shot 27 before on nine holes?
AMY YANG: No, first time.

Q. What was the previous low?
AMY YANG: Six in a row I think. But it wasn't nine holes, I think.

Q. What was your lowest nine-hole score before? No 27s?
AMY YANG: No, no.

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