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October 17, 2015

Graham Deleat

Napa, California

Q. Talk about the round today and what was going on.
GRAHAM DeLEAT: Yeah, played really well. One bad swing. Doubled 5 many. Hit one OB there. That's the easiest hole on the golf course today. That's kind of like a three-stroke swing. Other than that played some great golf.

Still right in it. I knew after the double that I was playing well, so just kind of stay patient and just wait for the birdies. I was able to birdie the next hole and kind of calm down.

Played solid all day.

Q. Take that out of the equation. You've got to be really confident.
GRAHAM DeLEAT: Yeah, you know, the only thing I really haven't been doing is taking advantage of the par-5s. I think for three rounds I am only a couple under. All the par-5s are gettable. They're not gimmes by any means, but they're gettable.

To be only be 2-under and still in the mix, if I can get three or four of them tomorrow it's going to be important.

Q. Pretty bunched up at the top.
GRAHAM DeLEAT: Yeah, I'm sure that somebody in that group is going to go low. Hopefully it's me.

Q. As far as conditions today, anything different?
GRAHAM DeLEAT: The wind picked up for the first time in the first three days, so that was a little bit different. It's playing great. It's firm and fast. That's what players love.

We don't get to play a ton of these. Seems like in the summer it's always so hot and there is a lot more water. Kind of nice this time of year you can play something firm and fast.

Q. Give me an update on the twins.
GRAHAM DeLEAT: We're a month away, a month tomorrow. November 18th. Pretty excited. Ruby can't be here obviously because she's at home making sure that everything is okay. I'm thinking about her.

Q. What is your schedule given that?
GRAHAM DeLEAT: You know, I'm planning on playing this week and next and then just kind of playing it by ear after that. Obviously the babies and my wife and everything is the most important thing.

Be nice to get off to a good start. If I can have a good one tomorrow, make things a lot easier.

Q. Where is home again?
GRAHAM DeLEAT: Scottsdale.

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