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October 17, 2015

Justin Rose

Napa, California

Q. Just another good, solid day out there: 4-under par 12 under headed into Sunday. How did you feel about good today's round?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, today was a test of patience really out there. I parred my first seven holes and then kind of got two birdies before the turn, which kind of felt like I had kept pace with the field.

I noticed everyone was scoring pretty well today. I wanted to stay within touch going into tomorrow. I think I did the bare minimum today required to kind of keep believing and give myself good chances tomorrow.

With four or five holes to play I said to Fulch that I thought 15-under would lead, and I was at 10 at that point. I said, Every birdie we make is one less tomorrow.

Two out of the last -- birdieing two out of the last four is probably just better than average because they're some good chances.

It was good enough, whereas I feel like it was a good days' work.

Q. Looked like some pretty challenging hole locations out there. A little surprised?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, actually thought yesterday was tougher in terms of pin locations. Yeah, I was still surprised that everyone kept going low today. I think maybe there is a little bit more moisture in the greens and you could hold your irons a little bit better than you could yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure, but certainly the guys played well today.

Q. Having been here before, got to feel comfortable heading into Sunday.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. Just going to g out there tomorrow. I am in the fortunate position where I don't have to think about much. Just going to go play a great round of golf. It's going to take something pretty good to pull through and win, so just focus on my game, focus on hitting great shots. See great shots, and then hit 'em.

Q. First bogey-free round on this golf course. How solid did it feel out there today to you?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think obviously that was the key my round today, keeping it bogey free. My patience was tested at times out there. I was even par through 7 and noticed that quite a few guys were playing well.

Only making 4 birdies I guess was not great, but I didn't make any mistakes, which kind of made it an acceptable round and keeps me in touch going into tomorrow.

Q. What do you expect tomorrow? It's kind of a logjam at the top.
JUSTIN ROSE: The way I like to look at it, if the leader goes out and plays well and stretches out with the lead, good for him. One way to look at it is you take the leader out of the equation because it's never easy to play with the lead.

There are a whole bunch of guys between 13-under and 10-under par. Someone in that group is going to play well tomorrow. It's going to be a day where you'll have to move out and go forward and make birdies and post a number.

Sometimes when you're two or three groups ahead of the final group it's the perfect place to be to make a charge.

Q. Look at those guys between 10 and 13, a lot of good players, a lot of young players. You're the one that stands out with a major championship, more of a career resume. Is that an advantage? Does that help?
JUSTIN ROSE: The golf course doesn't know that I'm a major champion tomorrow, it's all about how I handle myself. I can always draw on those experiences when the tough gets going or the pressure gets ramped up.

Like I said, doesn't give me anything going into tomorrow. Got to go earn a great round of golf, and hopefully it's good enough.

Q. You said you can draw from those experiences. Any examples?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, I think just Z├╝rich Classic this year is my last win. It was a very bunched leaderboard, and I just kept believing that my run would come. Birdied the last two holes, which was good enough.

Just got to hang with it sometimes. Always have a little bit of a flat or lean spell in a tournament, and sometimes that can be the first nine holes on a Sunday. Just hang in there and keep believing that you're going to have a run.

Q. Is that more the case tomorrow when you know, as we talked about yesterday, the last three holes are gettable?
JUSTIN ROSE: Absolutely. You're going to have to make the most of it. Someone might be in the clubhouse ahead of you, but you still have an advantage because you have those three birdie holes to play.

I don't think we'll play 17 up tomorrow, but still two par-5s in the last three holes. Always got that little bit of an insurance policy on the back end of your round.

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