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October 17, 2015

Andy Sullivan

Vilamoura, Portugal

ANDY SULLIVAN: Obviously the start of the day, a bit aggravating going out there in that really blustery wind. To get off to the good start I did, just felt like it gave me a cushion out there, and when the wind did die down, sort of really took advantage of it and kept swinging it well and made a lot of chances for myself.

Q. How difficult was it in the buffeting wind, because you certainly didn't make it look difficult.
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, it was, it was really tough. I feel mentally drained now really coming off there. I felt like I used pretty much everything I had out there today to try to use up all the energy and think about the shots in there.

The first six holes was really tough. Really had to think your way out there and play the right shots. Luckily we're just coming off, and everything I seemed to touch went in. So it was awesome for me to start off like that.

Q. How conscious were you of the advantage, because it stretched to eight strokes at one time out there.
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, I didn't realise it was that. Much but we were saying all the way around, trying to put as big a gap between us and the field as possible and do the same tomorrow, just go out there tomorrow and try to do the same thing.

I knew I was playing well and I knew Eduardo was playing well. It was nice for me just to carry on. I think it spurred us both on, hitting good shots, to-ing and fro-ing. It was really good out there.

I didn't feel like I was under pressure that much to be fair, had a big buffer there, and I was swinging it well, so I didn't feel like I was going to do a lot wrong at the time. Be interesting tomorrow.

Q. A word on at arrangements. How was it with the shotgun start? And the knowledge is the same again for the final day.
ANDY SULLIVAN: The weather, you can't predict these things. I think you're just happy to get 54 holes in after the weather we're meant to be predicted. The weatherman might be under some scrutiny when we finish. But to get 54 holes in is awesome to be fair with the forecast. So hopefully we can play tomorrow and get 72 in and it will be good.

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