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October 17, 2015

Chris Wood

Vilamoura, Portugal

CHRIS WOOD: I always seem to do all right in bad weather, but the course, I have to say, the course was set up really fair today for us. They put some tees up 50 yards where they had to, carries over water. So credit to José, the TD this week.

Yeah, it was difficult last year. We all know how tricky it was last year, but the Tour have done a great job today.

Q. I take it, it was still awkward out there, difficult to just keep your balance at times. But that's still some performance, isn't it, to shoot that kind of score in the buffeting winds.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, there's a lot of crosswinds out there. We all know how thick the rough is this year here. I'm really driving the ball quite well at the moment, so that's a big key.

Yeah, just played very steady, but nice to eagle to finish on the 12th, which was our last hole today.

So yeah, 6-under was a really good score and I sort of thought I'd moved up a few places. Haven't looked yet but certainly give me some sort of chance tomorrow.

Q. That sounds so weird to finish with an eagle at the 12th, but I appreciate, were you conscious of closing the gap? You must have known that you were getting closer, even though Andy Sullivan is some distance away.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I don't know where I lie at the moment, but I was pretty disappointed yesterday. I shot 2-under yesterday and played with Bernd and shot he 7-under yesterday. We both started at 3-under and he's all of a sudden in second or third place and I'm 25th; no good.

So I really felt like I had to put a low in one in today, and 6-under is certainly gaining on the field today.

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