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October 16, 2015

Justin Rose

Napa, California

JUSTIN ROSE: It was a good 69 today. Didn't really play particularly well. Hit a couple of less-than-pretty golf shots out there. Some good par save putts. Made my fair share of putts to get the round going.

Was only a spell really ending the front nine where I had about three seven-, eight-foot putts in a row that just slipped by the edge.

That was the only sort of part of the round where I felt I was giving away shots. The rest of the day I scrapped around pretty well and posted probably about as good a score as I deserved.

Q. Given how you felt like you played, is it a situation where it's more about you not playing yourself out of...
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, today was definitely about not playing myself out of it. That could have happened for sure at times. Obviously I was never going to be worse than sort of 5- or 6-under, but those are valuable shots to give up.

Obviously being 8-under par being right in touch with the leaders going into the weekend is the perfect spot to be. Was also a valuable kind of learning lesson on how this golf course plays in the afternoon.

It definitely felt a little bit trickier in the afternoon than we had it yesterday morning. The greens firmed up and there were just parts of the golf course that changed. That would be sort of work -- well, at least having learned those lessons today I can apply it over the weekend.

Q. Rory is having some difficulty making some putts. In your experience in your career, how do you keep yourself from getting too frustrated when the putts don't seem to be dropping for an extended period of time?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think there are two questions: Are you hitting your line or are you bad putts? Looked to, e like he hit a lot of good putts today. Like the one on 18 was a classic example. Looked good all the way, just died away at the end.

These greens are pretty subtle in places. He's holing out well from three, four feet. Seem to all be going in the middle, so from that point of view looks like he's stroking it well.

Easier said than done, but he's got to kind of ride it out and wait for them to drop. Then all of a sudden the confidence comes back.

As a player I'm not sure how he feels about it, but sometimes you need to make a technical adjustment, and odds times you just got to wait for your run.

Q. I think you mentioned the power plays with how it plays in the afternoons. What do you expect on the weekend with all the leaders playing in the afternoon?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, I hope they let it firm up a touch. Obviously need to put some water on it to make it still somewhat playable. It's a short golf course, and I think the firm greens are what's going to protect it.

I hope they let it get to the edge where you got to play some strategic wedge shots. There are times out here you may have 110 yards, but very small part of the green. You have to play to a safer spot and try and make it from 15 feet.

Q. What do you think about the last three holes. Two par-5s. How could that change things on Sunday?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I believe they also put the tee up one day on the weekend, right? You'll have three very exciting holes to finish. You know, both 16 and 18, there is no sort of immediate danger in them, but they're both about 575 fairly straightaway par-5s.

They're reachable for the long hitters for sure, but they definitely offer an advantage for someone who can hit it 300 plus off the tee.

Q. That standard nature of the schedule now. I know you're trying win, but...
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely feels a little disjointed. You stop the season and start the season. But I'm trying to finish off the European Tour season, too.

You're kind of starting in one season with your mind still tying to finish strong on other tour as well.

Definitely feel a little different. At the end of the day you just got to play your golf. It's about playing well 52 weeks of the year really and just build in your breaks when you can get them now.

Yeah, it's an important week. For someone who walks away from here, it's such a huge head start on the season. That's obviously when everyone's goal is.

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