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October 16, 2015

Eduardo De La Riva

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. Very well played. Beautiful morning conditions out here at Oceanic Victoria. How happy are you with the second round round here?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Yes, very good. Now I have -- with the first nine holes, it's very good not to because I have 1-over on the first nine and then 5-under in the second one. So I am very happy.

Q. Missed the fairway on 18, but how good did that chip look?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Very lucky with the ball and then I can hit a good iron shot of the green, and then the chip just went in. So very good par to finish.

Q. A lot of people in the media and the players obviously looking ahead to the weekend. The forecast isn't good. Did that affect your thinking, your psychology at all heading out today?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Yeah, I think about this because last year was the tournament in two rounds. But I hope that we can play now in the weekend or only one round, but it's good to be here for the weekend.

Q. You're in a great position, just final question. Your Race to Dubai position, important week this week in terms of potentially heading into the final series. That must be a big goal for you?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: I can play in Turkey, and then with a good finish here. And in Turkey a good tournament, I have chance to play in Dubai, so it's very good.

Q. How good is it to follow up a lovely first round with a very special second as well?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Yes, I played from the tee very bad the first round, so I do 1-over, and then in the second nine holes I play very good from the tee and to the green and with the putts. So 5-under in the second round are very good to finish.

Q. It was a quiet start today, wasn't it? That's a lovely back nine, the way you finished it, as well, talk us through 18.
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: A good chip, very good par to finish because it's a very difficult hole there.

Q. Were you looking at leaderboards today? Did you know how close you were at the top?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: I don't know now, but I think that the leader was 13-under or 14. So we're going to wait until the finish of the day and then see what happens in the weekend.

Q. I know we touched on this yesterday, but with all the misgivings about the weather and the weekend, were you conscious of getting good, low scores?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Yes, it's very good to go 10-under for the weekend and I hope to play the weekend and to finish three or four rounds.

Q. What are your thoughts on Race to Dubai?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: I don't know about the Race to Dubai, but I only think in this tournament and then in Turkey. And then I don't know what happens.

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