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October 16, 2015

Andy Sullivan

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. What are your thoughts on backing up such a wonderful score on day one with the same on day two?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's always nice to back up a good score with a new one. Sometimes it's quite tough to go out there and back it up after shooting a low one yesterday. But played much in the same vein as I did yesterday. Felt really confident out there, tapped the flags again and putted with heart again. So difficult not to shoot a good a score the way I was hitting it and putting it really.

Q. That was right from the blocks, wasn't it, with a birdie at the first and another one very soon after?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's always nice to go off with the birdie, especially when you've had a good start yesterday and you come out, it's always nice to start with a birdie. Keep the momentum rolling, felt like, and kept that going all the way around. Weren't too many gaps, like three or four holes, where I didn't have a birdie. So it was nice just to keep it flowing, really.

Q. A nice bit of creativity out there, as well as the aggression, isn't it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I mean, I hit a few really good chip shots today. 7 was just ridiculous. We were just thinking to ourselves just ten feet for par would really be nice. To see it go in was a massive relief, not having to have that putt coming back.

Q. I know we touched on the first day, but it's probably even more pertinent now. Were you conscious of just carrying it and going, shooting low because this might be it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. We were literally just saying that we will try to put as big a gap between us and whoever is behind us. Just keep being aggressive and see what happens. But hopefully, I'd like to get back out there. I'm playing really well this week, so it would be nice for the crowds who have been absolutely fantastic this week to get another round in, at least one round in anyway.

Q. What are your thoughts -- a question for the future, really, but if you were to win it after two rounds, would it where a proper tournament?
ANDY SULLIVAN: A win is a win in my eyes. I'm not going to be bothered about that. Like I said, I would really enjoy to get out there. I'm playing some good golf, so I'd love to go out there and test myself again.

Q. Presumably you've got to tell yourself there's another round to come?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. I'll be mentally prepared there's going to be two rounds. Obviously, go back and relax tonight and get myself ready for tomorrow.

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