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October 16, 2015

Anthony Wall

Vilamoura, Portugal

ANTHONY WALL: Managed to get up-and-down from 100 yards. Took the chance of laying up rather than trying to get somewhere near. Because it's so penal, I think you just got to stick to your game plan and that's what I did. I'm really proud of myself. I played good golf today.

Q. Bogey-free, as well?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I don't think there will be many people this week. I certainly didn't think I would have a day around here without any bogeys, so I was really proud of that.

Q. Very conscious about shooting low to get involved in that mix with the weather forecast, as well?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, we kept being told on the first tee it was going to be a shotgun. We didn't really believe it. It was a bit of a strange one. I think we all thought it would be three rounds, but if we can get four rounds in then great. That's how it should be. That's professional golf after all. So good luck to them.

Q. Now you better believe it because you are up early. You are up at 8 o'clock whatever tee you've got to start from.
ANTHONY WALL: That's fine. Maybe football will be on in the afternoon, so maybe that's half the plan. I don't know, we'll see. I'm sure that's got something to do with it. Yeah, it will be a great day.

I feel sorry for a few guys over the years that didn't get that chance. Maybe they could have -- probably could have been done before now. I think it will be a great day everyone playing at once.

Q. Given what happened at this particular championship last year, just the 36 holes, it's kind of good for the championship, isn't it, to know that it's going further?
ANTHONY WALL: Well, let's hope we get four rounds in, otherwise we'll look pretty stupid, won't we, if we all start the same time and only play three. Otherwise you could play one round in two days quite aptly however bad the weather is. I'm sure it will be great.

The main thing is everyone comes out again. I'm sure they had a great day because the sun was out. Hopefully we all get wrong tomorrow and finish at 1 o'clock.

Q. I take it you enjoy this part of the world when the sun is like it has been for you today?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I love coming here. It's one of the nicest places you could ever wish to be. The sun is great and the weather always seems to be decent. The people are very friendly, and it's a really nice tournament for us.

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