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October 16, 2015

Yordano Ventura

Kansas City, Missouri - Pregame One

Q. Could you just break down the Blue Jays' lineup, why is it such a challenge?
YORDANO VENTURA: It's a very talented group, a lot of power, a lot of experience. But on the other end, he's got to do what he does best, and stay within my game and I'll be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Can you speak to the idea of pitching inside to the Blue Jays?
YORDANO VENTURA: This is not nothing new to the Royals' pitching strategy or approach to pitching. We pitch inside, that's part of our game. We did with Houston, we've done it with every other team and we'll continue to do it. We're going to stay within our game and what we do best. And if it's pitching inside, it's pitching inside.

Q. You had a very good experience when it came to the playoffs, how are you going to take advantage of this?
YORDANO VENTURA: This is a new year, obviously last year was a good year for us, but this is a new year and nothing is going to change. I like our chances. I like the preparation with the staff, with the players. And we're going to continue to play the game the way we play the game and play hard.

Q. The Blue Jays just had in the last series the famous bat flip by Bautista. How do you feel facing this kind of situation and what would you do if something like this happened to you?
YORDANO VENTURA: That was a very emotional game. It was probably done on emotion. This is not the time or the place to start thinking about any type of retaliation or any type of -- anything that goes with that part of the game. This is the time to execute pitches, execute our game plan and win a series.

Q. Ned Yost mentioned how he's going to pitch inside aggressively against this team. Do you think about that and look back to video of that series and how you can pitch inside aggressively against this team?
YORDANO VENTURA: Again, it's not anything new. That's been part of our game plan from the very beginning against any team. We've got to establish the inside part of the plate and execute pitches. The fact that it's them, it's not a new approach to how we do things.

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