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October 15, 2015

Eduardo De La Riva

Vilamoura, Portugal

Q. What do you think about 6-under par to start this championship?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: It's very nice. To start with 6-under, I played very good today. Also with the putts, very good putts to finish. Three meters putt on the last, so I'm very happy.

Q. It's lovely to finish birdie, birdie and see your name right up on the leaderboard now?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Yeah, it's very good. Sleep good today.

Q. Are you feeling good all around the course? Is it one that suits you? Do you like this place?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Yes, I like very much this place. I think the course is in good condition. We have a very nice day today and I played very good, so very happy.

Q. And the course, is it standing up to the test? It's had a lot of rain already, so it's a little bit softer than we usually see?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: Yeah, it's softer. But this year is a lot of rough. Last year we didn't have rough. So I think it's a little bit difficult this year.

Q. It might be obvious, but it's so close to Spain, is it like playing at home?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: It's not home, but it's very, very nice. Very nice, this place. I like it.

Q. Do you look forward to the slightly more relaxed atmosphere there is around this tournament? It feels like a resort course, people tend to have fun in the evening as well?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: There are places to dinner. I like very much this place to come here and to play the last tournament of the season, the regular season.

Q. When it is the last of the regular season, how is your attitude and approach? Is it any different?
EDUARDO DE LA RIVA: No, no difference. I'm going to play like I can, so hopefully can I make a good tournament.

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